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RadBook 2013

R/F–FILM-SCREENRAD·BOOK 2013 97 Dunlee Replacement Tubes – Replacement tubes for more manufacturers than any other company in the industry (GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, Philips, Elscint or Picker) – Tube stocks at major airport hubs throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America – 24/7 – 365 days per year – Shipment of most popular replacement tubes, typically with same-day or next-day delivery Highlights GCTechnology GmbH – CIRS Phantoms – Pediatric anthropomorphic training phantom “SPoRT” – ATOMMax dental and diagnostic head phantom – Radiography fluoroscopy QA phantom – 3 dimensional torso phantom – Test tools Highlights PROTEC PROGNOST XP-series Power Line or battery Table Fixed or adjustable height (optional), carbon fiber table top – Mobile patient table to position the patient directly above the corresponding image receptor – For digital DR detectors or with bucky tray integrated – Fixed table height or elevating with floating carbon fiber table top – Elevating versions with line connection or battery powered Highlights Roesys X Mobil Mobile patient table with single side suspended, floating table top and electro- magnetic locks. Motorized height adjustment for optimal patient positioning. Foot switch to release locks. – Floating table top for optimum access to patient and large radiolucent exposure area – High mobility of the table due to swivel castors and for height adjustment by re-chargeable batteries – Optimal in combination with the digital radiography system X Twin Highlights Sectra OneScreen Sectra OneScreen is a cost-effective online solution to identify patients in the risk group for osteoporosis. The service is especially convenient in combination with mammography. With a single, standard X-ray image of the hand the women’s bone health (Bone Mineral Density, BMD) is estimated, using the patented DXR (Digital X-ray Radiogrammetry) technology. The image is taken at the same time as breast images, using the same radiology equipment. It is then sent to Sectra’s online lab for analysis. With the BMD result and other known risk factors, individuals with increased risk of future fractures can easily be identified. Highlights Sectra DoseTrack Sectra DoseTrack is a complete solution for radiation dose monitoring. Sectra DoseTrack automatically collects, stores and monitors data from all connec- ted modalities saving valuable time and facilitating analysis. It reduces the risk of patients being exposed to unnecessarily high radiation doses in con- junction with radiology examinations. Sectra DoseTrack supports both the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring profile and the DICOM MPPS standard, enabling the connection of almost any modality to gain a complete dose moni- toring solution. Highlights