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RadBook 2013

R/F–FILM-SCREENRAD·BOOK 201392 Fluoroscopy STEPHANIX RAD series E+ Power from 32 kW to 80 kW Table Floor monunted design with fixed height table – Compact and reliable solution – Cost-efficient general rad room – User-friendly workflow – Floating table for easy patient positioning – Intuitive touch screen console available – Scalable to DR solution Highlights STEPHANIX RAD series Pro Power from 32 kW to 80 kW Table Floor mounted design with variable height table – Compact and reliable solution – Ergonomically shaped for an easy patient positioning. – Cover a wide range of general procedures – Intuitive touch screen generator with 864 APR available – Small space requirement – Option: Tomography, ceiling suspension – Scalable to DR solution Highlights Toshiba Radrex Power 50 kW or 80 kW Table Motorized height adjustable with floating tabletop Toshiba recommends Radrex compact radiographic systems for general-purpo- se radiography, being highly accurate and efficient. It is possible to expand the original system to meet the particular clinical requirements of the user. When the system is combined with a portable FPD (35 cm x 43 cm) and digital processor, a wide range of applications can be performed with a single-panel system that incorporates many automatic functions to minimize workload. Highlights Villa Sistemi Medicali – Moviplan Power 32 / 40 / 50 / 65 / 80 kW Table Fixed or elevating tabletop – Modular bucky system for general radiographic applications, muscoskeletal diagnostic room or emergency ward – Several configuration options: table available with motorized lift, floor-mounted or ceiling suspended tubestand – Optional tomographic functionalities Highlights Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva Design Multifunctional C-arm II format 38 cm Image system 1k, 12 bit CCD – Covers broad range of RF applications in vascular and interventional procedures – Easily absorbs changes in application mix and adds to departmental efficiency as overflow system for dedicated rooms – Offers ultimate customization by adjusting the system to preferences – Proven scan principle with C-arm moving around the patients – 180 degree isocentric C-arm rotation increases projection flexibility Highlights Shimadzu Fluorospeed 300 Power 80 kW / 50 kW II format 16" or 12" Image system Digital – 90/90 Digital local R/F table – High performance – GI to angiographic studies – High image quality – High throughput Highlights