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RadBook 2013

64 RAD·BOOK 2013 ITSYSTEMS be eliminated, which represents a substantial cost saving for patients, insurance companies and govern- ments worldwide. Trade trial conducted at Italian hospital A hospital in Ferrara, Italy, con- ducted a trade trial of MyVue in the fall of 2012 prior to its commercial re- lease. The trial was so successful that more than 98% of patients who used the patient portal decided to continue using it in future. The hospital serves a population of over 350,000 and pro- vides about 150,000 radiographic ex- aminations each year. “MyVue is very attractive for pa- tients because it enables them to have “Healthcare facilities can set up this portal to allow patients to play an inte- gral role in their own medical care by sharing data and enhancing communi- cation with physicians about diagnosis and treatment options,” said Saskia Groeneveld, WW , Marketing Opera- tions Manager, Healthcare Information Solutions. In addition to allowing patients to play a role in managing their care, this por- tal offers other compelling benefits: – Rapid electronic distribution of medical imaging exams and reports can reduce duplicate studies, which can reduce patients’ radiation expo- sure – Outputting imaging studies to CDs, DVDs or radiographic films can Patients can electronically access and share medical images and reports with physicians and specialists Carestream’sNewMyVue PatientPortalEmpowersPatients Empowering patients to become more engaged with their own healthcare is a growing initiative across Europe. Carestream is meeting this growing trend with its MyVue patient portal that allows patients to electronically access and view their own medical imaging exams and radiology reports. They can electronically share this data with their physicians to expedite consultation and collaboration needed for second opinions. The data can be accessed and/or downloaded to many Internet-enabled devices including PCs and tablets. Security protocols ensure that the data cannot be viewed by unauthorized users. With MyVue patients can download data to internet enabled devices including PCs and tablets.