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RadBook 2013

MOLECULARIMAGINGRAD·BOOK 2013134 SPECT AGITO Medical WE BUY YOUR USED MOLECULAR IMAGING SYSTEMS – Agito Medical offers a complete solution, as we will handle dismantling, packaging, loading and transportation of the equipment, keeping your obli- gation at a minimum. – Our ISO 14001 certification ensures an environmental friendly handling of the equipment. – We are a reliable partner, as we have 6,000 sqm warehouse allowing us to buy equipment for stock in any quantity. Highlights BASDA BDH-180 Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography Field of view 500 x 360 mm Energy range 50~400 kev Resolution 3.5 MM – Fully digital high resolution detector – Integrated various collimator for different clinical applications – Multi-functional exam table for different angle examination – Comprehensive clinical process TCP and report system – DICOM compliance for network and remote diagnostic Highlights GE Healthcare Discovery NM 630 Premium, all-purpose, dual detector free geometry integrated nuclear imaging system, featuring: – Excellent image quality based on advanced Elite NXT detectors – Exceptional productivity enabled through evolution ½ time planar and SPECT scans1 – Slim-profile, wide-bore, fast and flexible robotic gantry design for exceptional clinical versatility – Outstanding capability to image at half the patient dose without compromi- sing image quality – Upgradeability path to SPECT/CT: Optima NM/CT 640 or Discovery NM/ CT 670 (subject to appropriate site preparation). 1 Compared to standard protocols without Evolution Highlights System sensitivity 270 cpm/µCi Energy resolution (NEMA) 9.8 % FOV 540 x 400 mm GE Healthcare Discovery NM 750b CZT based gamma camera dedicated to imaging of breast cancer as adjunct to mammography – High-resolution, direct conversion, solid-state CZT semiconductor detectors – For dense breast, MBI technology outperformed mammography in early detection and in finding more cancers4 – Tracers with indication for breast cancer diagnosis – Powered by Xeleris 3 advanced tools and optional packages 4 Deborah J. Rhodes, Carrie B. Hruska, Stephan W. Phillips, Dana H. Whaley, and Michael K.O’connor, Dedicated Dual-Head Gamma Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening in Women with Mammographically Dense Breasts, Radiology 100625; Published online November 2, 2010, doi 10.1148/radiol.10100625 *study was performed using detector prototype of Discovery NM 750b Highlights System sensitivity – Energy resolution (NEMA) 6.5 % FOV 160 x 240 mm Philips CardioMD – Minimal patient-to-detector distance for excellent image quality – Compact design fits easily into a 2.4 x 3 m room – Fixed-90 dual head design and cardiac workflow are optimized for high throughput – Comprehensive suite of cardiac image applications – Vantage Pro clinically validated non-uniform attenuation correction Highlights Resolution 3.8 mm, FWHM intrinsic Sensitivity 277 cpm/µm Ci (LEGP) Field of View 37 x 21.4 cm Philips BrightView – Patient focus for an open experience with all patients and sizes – Maximized image quality with CloseUp technologies – Improved workflow efficiency, BodyGuard automatic contouring – Rich in capability yet compact in design – Scalable to match the capabilities with practice Highlights Resolution 3.3 mm, FWHM intrinsic Sensitivity 277 cpm/µm Ci (LEGP) Field of View 40.6 x 54 cm