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RadBook 2013

TESTINGDEVICESRAD·BOOK 2013 179 IBA Dosimetry Dosimax plus Duo incl. Sandwich Detector DE2DX Dual-channel dosimeter especially for constancy tests at radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units with sandwich detector DE2DX. Entran- ce and exit dose / dose rate measure- ment with one single exposure. Highlights IBA Dosimetry Multimeter MagicMaX Universal – Measurements are controlled and displayed by an easy-to-use software – Depending on application, MagicMaX Universal uses the following detectors: • RQA – single detector for radiography, fluoroscopy and dental applications • RQM – single detector for mammography • XR – multi-detector for radiography and fluoroscopy applications • XM – multi-detector for mammography • DCT10-MM and DCT30-MM Ionization chambers for CT – Measurement parameters: dose/dose rate and dose per pulse, noninvasively practical peak voltage, exposure time, total filtration, first half value layer (HVL) Highlights The MagicMaX Universal multimeter is a PC based, USB powered automatic precision instrument that measure and displays simultaneously IBA Dosimetry 2-part PMMA CT-Phantom – Adult Head and Body / Pediatric Body VD1003110 – Phantom for CTDI measurements according to IEC 60601-2-44, IEC 61223-3-5, IEC 61223-2-6 – Consisting of: • 1 adult head-/pediatric body phantom, 16 cm diameter, 5 holes • 1 adult body annulus, 32 cm diameter, 4 holes • 9 acrylic rods for plugging all the phantom holes • 1 adapter for ionization chamber DCT10-RS / Lemo Highlights IBA Dosimetry Test Device DIGI-13 – VD0203560 – For quality checks at all types of CR/DR radiographic systems – Test Parameters: • Signal standardization • Check of dose indicator • homogeneity • Spatial and contrast resolution • Alignment of light and X-ray field • Image scale • Artifacts • Geometry symmetry Highlights IBA Dosimetry Test Device ETR1 incl. Centering Tube – VD0203100 – For quality checks in conventional radiography and fluoroscopy (DIN 6868-3, -4 and IEC 61223-2-9 / -2-11) – Test Parameters: • Spatial resolution • Alignment of light and X-ray field • Geometry symmetry • Contrast resolution • Measuring areas for optional density Highlights IBA Dosimetry Test Device Mammo-152 – VD02034343 – For acceptance and constancy tests (DIN V 6868-152, DIN EN 61223-3-2 and DIN 6868-7 / EPQC (EUREF) in conventional mammography – Test Parameters: • Object thickness and tube voltage compensation resp. AEC reproducibility • Attenuation factor • Spacial resolution • Contrast and image resolution • Artifacts • Geometry • Check of missed tissue at chest wall Highlights