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RadBook 2013

MAMMOGRAPHYRAD·BOOK 201384 Hologic Selenia Digital Breast Imaging Solutions Power n/a Detector amorphous Selenium, 24 x 29 cm Pixel size 70 µm – Exceptionally sharp digital images with superb contrast and resolution at the lowest possible radiation dose – Flexible and interactive tools for the radiographer to use to increase productivity and optimize workflow – Seamless integration with hospital infrastructure, assuring the best possible care – Smart paddle system streamlines technologist workflow Highlights IMS Giotto Tomo Power 8 kW Detector Amorphous Selenium, 18 x 24 cm or 24 x 30 cm Pixel size 85 µm – 2nd Generation Tomosynthesis characterized by variable angles & doses and Step & Shoot tube motion – 40° total scan angle and 13 exposures – "C-arm" stand type for tomosynthesis, mammography and biopsy – Prearranged for motorized, automatic biopsy examination Highlights IMS Giotto Image 3D / 3DL Power 8 kW Detector Amorphous Selenium, 18 x 24 cm or 24 x 30 cm Pixel size 85 µm – 3D-movements of the circular arm – Isocentric rotation, prearranged for stereotactic biopsy and prone biopsy using the same detector – Very low x-ray dose – High DQE and high MTF – Amorphous Selenium detector: available in 18 x 24 cm or 24 x 30 cm Highlights Philips MicroDose Mammography MicroDose photon counting mammography gives you out- standing image quality with 18 to 50% lower radiation dose than used on other digital mammography systems, with an average dose reduction of 40%. High resolution with 50 µm pixel size, one of the smallest pixel size on the market which enables visualization of fine structures in the breast. – Unique photon counting detector technology: high dose efficiency, scatter DQE of 97% – High patient throughput: complete screening examination takes less than 5 minutes – Designed with both user and patient comfort in mind, MicroDose is equipped with easy single click operation and a warm curved breast support for a simplified and enhanced workflow and comfort for the woman – Robust, stable detector for mobile environment Highlights Technology Photon counting Resolution 50 µm, 14 bit Size 24 x 26 cm Philips MicroDose Mammography SI – Advanced development of the unique photon coun- ting technology, performing spectral imaging in one single exposure, making non-invasive spectral applications designed for screening possible – Spectral breast density measurement for objective and refined risk assessment paves the way for personalized care – Same excellent image quality at very low dose as with MicroDose – Patient comfort with anatomically curved and warmed breast support, as well as fast exam time, in under 5 minutes – Robust, stable detector for mobile environment – Ready for future Single-shot spectral imaging applications Highlights Technology Photon counting with single-shot spectral imaging Resolution 50 µm, 14 bit Size 24 x 26 cm Philips MammoDiagnost DR with Advanced Stereo – Optimized, smooth workflow thanks to the ergonomic design and intuitive user interface based on the Eleva concept – Excellent image quality with UNIQUE image processing and high detector DQE to facilitate diagnosis – Fast and safe biopsy system optional: target visualization planning tool for ste- reotactic localization procedures – Flexibility: All in one system for screening, and diagnostics to enable radiologist to perform lateral and horizontal biopsies, dependent upon lesion placement – Smooth procedures to make your patients feel at ease Highlights Technology Amorphous Selenium Resolution 85 µm Size 24 x 30 cm