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RadBook 2013

ULTRASOUNDRAD·BOOK 2013158 Ultrasound Devices AGITO Medical WE BUY YOUR USED ULTRASOUND SYSTEMS - Agito Medical offers a complete solution, as we will handle dismantling, packaging, loading and transportation of the equipment, keeping your obli- gation at a minimum. - Our ISO 14001 certification ensures an environmental friendly handling of the equipment. – We are a reliable partner, as we have 6,000 sqm warehouse allowing us to buy equipment for stock in any quantity. Highlights BASDA BTH-80 Color Doppler Ultrasound System – Imagine Modes: 2D/B, M, Pulse Wave Doppler, Color Doppler Mode, Directional Power Doppler, Body Markers, Triplex Display – Clinical usage: Cardiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmalogy and Otorhinolaryngology, Anesthesiology, Vascularity, Hepatobiliary surgery, Obstetric, Gynecology, Physical examination center, ICU/CCU Highlights Mode B mode, M mode, CF, PWD, PD, PDP, THI, TDI, Omni-Directional Real-Time M Mode, CWD, 3D (Optional: composite image, panoramic image, elastography, 4D) Scan format Abdomen, Organelle, Intracavitary, Cardiac, 4D ( volume) Transducer inputs 3 BASDA BTH-50 Color Doppler Ultrasound System – Great flexiblility and ultimate portability – Large capacity battery and Ultra-long endurance – Advanced digital image acquisition, storage and management Highlights Mode B mode, M mode, CF, PWD, PD, PDP, THI, TDI, Omni-Directional Real-Time M Mode, CWD, 3D Scan format Abdomen, Organelle, Intracavitary, Cardiac Transducer inputs 1 FUJIFILM Fazone CB – 12" LCD display, full-screen display of images – Image optimization at the push of a bottom – Lightweight 4.5 kg, 30 sec boot up time – Operated for up to an hour with optional battery – High scalability (USB, HDMI, network ports) – Purpose based layout and large buttons for high intuitive operability Highlights Modes B-mode, M-mode, color Doppler, power Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler Scan format linear, convex and sector scanning Transducer inputs 1 for main unit, 3 with MTP cart (option) FUJIFILM Fazone CB Cart – Small, lightweight, and high portability means it can be used anywhere – Can be lifted or lowered simply by pulling the side lever – CB main unit can easily be attached or removed simply by pulling the front lever – Monochrome printer or color printer (optional) – Keyboard (optional) Highlights GE Healthcare LOGIQ E9 Modes B-mode, M-mode, CFM-mode, Doppler, CEUS-mode, elastography-mode, realtime 4D, volume navigation Scan format Linear, convex, microconvex, sector phased array, trapezoid Transducer inputs 4 – Extraordinary images: agile ultrasound beamformers with acoustic models, Matrix Array transducer technology, single crystal, CrossXBeam, SRI; – Expert tools: contrast imaging with new hires and amplitude modulation set- tings, elastography and PDI with quantification, realtime 4D in CEUS mode, volume navigation with fusion, GPS and needle tracking – Easy workflow: scan assistant, raw data imaging, Q&R with multimodality imaging navigation – Winner of the “Best in Klass 2011” Award Highlights