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RadBook 2013

ITSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 2013 67 medigration ImageBroker – Easy, fast and efficient image management and long term storage – Specifically configurable for every practice/medical care unit/hospital size – Reliable and scalable image and result archiving – Ideal platform for in-house and inter-site intercommunication (multi-site PACS) – Straightforward HIS integration (HL7) Highlights medigration ImageWeb – Simple and quick availability to examinations throughout the entire facility – On demand access to every workplace in the network – Images and results can be called up within seconds due to intelligent data compression – DICOM images are displayed in high quality (support of the full bit depth and resolution) Highlights PROTEC CONAXX 2 CONAXX 2: User-friendly and intuitively operable software for the acquisition of X-ray images and operation of DR-moda- lities and X-ray generators. Key features: – Automatic image optimisation – Three clicks only to get your X-ray image – Image diagnose directly in CONAXX 2 possible (optional/single workstation solution) – Compatible with any DICOM PACS – Extraordinary workflow efficiency saves time and money Highlights PROTEC PROPAXX State-of-the-art software for viewing, processing and archiving offering multifunctional and flexible support in the diagnosis of X-ray images. Key features: – Administrative and assisting functions, e.g. the integrated interface for re- porting the clinical findings or synchronic viewing images – Detailed 10-bit display of the X-ray images – Configurable menu with guide access – Individual system size: single or multiple workstations – Integrated backup function – Communication interfaces enable PROPAXX to direct data and image exchange with image acquisition systems and modality consoles (e.g. CONAXX 2) Highlights Sectra RIS/PACS Sectra’s web based RIS/PACS solution is optimized for efficient radiology workflows cutting report turn-around times and improving communication between radiology and its referring physicians. Highlights in the most recent version include: Central handling of non-DICOM images – enables cost-efficient, safe and secure accessibility to all medical images in any department of the hospital enterprise. Instant Messaging – a fully integrated instant messaging solution that enables quick answers when nee- ded. Teaching Files - provides the ideal solution for organizing and preparing relevant cases in a teaching file library. Support for multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings. Highlights Siemens syngo.plaza syngo.plaza is the agile PACS and reading software, where 2D, 3D, and 4D rea- ding comes together in one place. It is scalable in procedure range and suitable for smaller Diagnostic Imaging Centers as well as large hospitals. – Rapid loading performance – Personalized tools and layouts – Wide spectrum of clinical applications – Common intuitive syngo user interface – Seamlessly connected hospital IT Highlights