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RadBook 2013

INTERVENTIONALSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 2013 61 Philips Veradius – Super thin flat detector frees up valuable space – Superb contrast thanks to high dynamic range – Insensitive to magnetic fields – No geometrical distortions Highlights Power 15 kW Field of view 27 x 27 cm Philips Veradius Neo – True multi purpose top-end system with flat detector – Optimized C-arm geometry with 73 cm C depth – Smooth movement and color coding for easy positioning – Super thin flat detector frees up valuable space – Superb image contrast thanks to high dynamic range of Trixell detector – State-of-the-art wireless data communication with RIS/HIS Highlights Power 15 kW Field of view 26.2 x 26.2 cm Clinical image not generated by Cios Alpha Siemens Cios Alpha* Power 12 kW or optional 25 kW Detector 20 cm x 20 cm or optional 30 cm x 30 cm Pixel size 194 µm Cios Alpha – See the power with Full View FD – Full View FD, outstanding image quality and up to 25% more coverage**, even during image rotation – The most powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm, to see and do more – Full table-side control and single-touch positioning for effortless operability – Fully integrated vascular support, featuring unique live graphical overlay * Cios Alpha is currently under development and is not for sale in the U.S. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed. ** Compared to today‘s conventional image intensifiers. Highlights Toshiba Surginix FPD Power 12 kW Detector 28.7 cm x 26.5 cm FPD Pixel size 184 µm Surginix is designed to improve the workflow in surgical suites without com- promising image quality, image acquisition techniques, or dose managements. The system comes equipped with a full range of standard functions for ease of use, including touch panel control, laser guides, and wide screen medical monitors. Surginix is optimized for fluoroscopy and direct radiography in sur- gical suites. Highlights Ziehm Vision FD Power 2 kW Detector a-Si, 1,024 x 1,024, 20 x 20 cm Pixel size 194 µm Ziehm Vision FD is the world’s first mobile C-arm with flat-panel detector tech- nology. This detector enables fully-digital, distortion-free imaging. Thanks to its high dynamic range it also allows concurrent soft tissue and skeletal imaging. Highlights Medtronic O-arm System Power 32 kW Detector Digital flat panel detector 30 x 40 cm – Fast 13s 3D scan – Fully mobile – Flexible intra-operative 2D- and 3D-imaging – Large 2D-image size and large 3D scan volume – Seamless integration in OR workflow – Easy in use: All motions motorized, simple control panel – Position memory remembers scan positions – Easy draping of the breakable gantry – Seamless integrating with StealthStation Navigation – Full DICOM3, USB, CD/DVD interfacing Highlights