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RadBook 2013

MAMMOGRAPHYRAD·BOOK 201386 Screen-film Mammography GE Healthcare Performa kV range 20–35 kV Anode Mo Filter Mo/Rh – Bi-directional compression ECS – Enhanced patient comfort – Increased amount of breast tissue images – VectorPoint-AEC for optimized image quality – Compact, small system Highlights Planmed Nuance Classic Power 20–35 kV Anode Mo Filter Mo/Rh – High-end analog mammography unit with Flex-AEC – Field upgradeable to full field digital mammography – Side Access patient positioning – Optional MaxView Breast Positioning System – Stereotactics system available as an add-on – CR interface available Highlights Planmed Sophie Classic Power 20–35 kV Anode Mo Filter Mo/Rh – Versatile mid-tier film unit with multiple options – Optional Flex-AEC with tissue type recognition – Optional MaxView or TwinComp compression system – Optional magnification and stereotactics – Optional CR interface Highlights Planmed Sophie Classic S Power 20–35 kV Anode Mo Filter Mo/Rh – Entry level film unit – Optional magnification – Optional stereotactics – Optional CR interface Highlights Villa Sistemi Medicali – Melody III Power 5 kW Anode Molybdenum Filter Mo / Rh – High performance integrated X-ray generator with wide kV range (20–35 kV) and fine adjustment (0.5 kV step) – Auxiliary display showing applied compression force, C-arm angulation, com- pressed breast thickness – AEC with selection of exposure parameters in function of effective breast density – C-arm with ±180° rotation – Version with isocentric C-arm dedicated for biopsy procedures – Available with 18x24 / 24x30 cm bucky or special potter accepting both cassettes Highlights Philips MammoDiagnost AR Anode Molydenum Mo or Tungsten W Filter Molybdenum or Rhodium kV range 20 – 35 kV – Basic breast imaging to all patients at a value price point – Good image quality with all common screen and film combinations, as well as CR systems – Simple, uncomplicated workflow which requires only a minimum interactions – A first step to digital mammography, PCR Eleva can be combined with the MammoDiagnost AR. The common Eleva user interface is familiar, as it is used by all Philips X-ray modalities – The MammoDiagnost AR provides equipment for all kinds of mammography examinations, including screening, diagnostic and stereotactic guided biopsies Highlights