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RadBook 2013

Surgical MRI MRT Coils XinGaoYi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.35 T – Excellent images, full range of scanning sequences – Low power consumption, low failure rate – Small installation site Highlights Field 0.35 T Gradient 19 mT/m Slew rate 60 mT/m/ms Medtronic Polestar Surgical MRI System Magnetic Field 0.15 T Gradient slew rate 23.5 mT/m Gradient 80 T/m/S Slew rate Compact and mobile – Designed for integration in most OR’s using mobile RF shielding – Compatible with most existing surgical equipment – Perfect match to neurosurgical workflow – Fits under OR table and moves up to patient for imaging – Standard patient positioning, no patient movement needed during procedure – Integrated StealthStation Image Guided Surgery System to maintain navigational accuracy throughout the surgery – auto-registration of images to patient – Confirmation of completeness of resection and absence of complications prior to closing Highlights Hologic Breast MRI coils Field strength n/a Channels 8–16 System platform Compatible with Siemens, GE and Toshiba – Available as a design award winning patient stretcher with integrated breast MRI coils or a tabletop configuration leveraging the same open access fea- tures of the patient stretcher – Both configurations provide extensive access for patient positioning and in- tervention, optimal patient comfort and improved workflow – Variable Coil Geometry feature allows for the diagnostic coils and biopsy grid positioning to be customized to each patient, contributing to improved image quality, decreased set-up time, increased patient accommodation and improved access to lesions for biopsy Highlights MR-compatible Monitoring MAGLIFE Serenity guarantees highest ECG quality during MRI scanning even under strongest gradient MAGLIFE Serenity D E SIGNEDAN D M A N U F A C T U R ED INEURO P E Headquarters: SCHILLER AG, Altgasse 68, CH-6341 Baar, Switzerland, Phone +41 41 766 42 42, Fax +41 41 761 08 80,,