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RadBook 2013

MAGNETICRESONANCEIMAGINGRAD·BOOK 2013 37 Link Medical System LEADING INDEPENDENT PROVIDER FOR GENERAL ELECTRIC CT & MRI SYSTEMS WE OFFER A RELIABLE AND ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE: – Spare parts and service – System Upgrades – Turnkey solutions Highlights Mindray MagSense 360 MRI System – C-Shape permanent magnet – Unique “inScan” technology / MRI exams can be operated by the touchscreen and images can be shown on the screen directly – 330° wide open / largest when comparing with other competitors – EcZero Eddy compensation technology / eliminate the “eddy effect” – Volume 4D-shimming technology / realtime 3D-shimming for the field uniformity – Comprehensive software package for different position imaging – Q-film technology / can review and print the images at the same time Highlights Field 0.36 T Gradient 25 mT/m Slew rate 60 T/m/s Philips Panorama HFO Oncology Configuration – Imaging in treatment position enabled by the open spacious design of the system – Streamlined clinical workflow with MR images customized for radiation therapy planning – Quality assurance for geometric deformation Highlights Philips Panorama HFO oncology configuration Imaging that fits your planning Philips Panorama HFO – Patient friendly: three times larger patient aperture than conventional MR to handle stressed and claustrophobic patients, children, elderly and large patients – High-field performance comparable to 1.5 T ina truly open configuration – Increased productivity with SmartExam, one-click planning, scanning and processing – Enables unique applications not possible with cylindrical systems Highlights Field 1.0 T Gradient 28 mT/m Slewrate 120 mT/m/ms Siemens MAGNETOM C! Field strength 0.35 T Gradient 24 mT/m Slew rate 55 T/m/ms – Smallest pole diameter (137 cm / 54 inches) for patient comfort – Sharing the same syngo software platform as all other MAGNETOM systems: high-field applications tailored to mid-field for all clinical fields – True multichannel imaging for seamlessly imaging up to 100 cm – No cryogen use and low power consumption to further reduce operating costs – Outstanding image quality at mid-field Highlights United Imaging: Open Superconductor MRI imStar S7 Field strength 0.7 T Gradient 33 mT/m Slew rate 100 T/m/s – High field performance capabilities combine with open magnet to maximize patient comfort and accessibility – Innovative magnet system with independent core technology – Support advanced clinical functionalities – Scan time and image quality optimization algorithm – Outstanding hardware performance – Powerful and easy to use scan software – Customizable solutions with continuous upgrading Highlights