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RadBook 2013

RAD·BOOK 2013 121 R/F–DIGITAL Konica Minolta AeroDR System concept WLAN Detector CsI scintillator 35 x 43 cm Pixel size 175 µm – Lightweight, only 2.9 kg, for light handling – Unique battery technology – High quality images at a low dose – ISO 4090 cassette sized detector for easy integration – High DQE CsI detector – 3 second preview Highlights Konica Minolta AeroDR 17" x17" System concept WLAN Detector CsI scintillator 43 x 43 cm Pixel size 175 µm – Weighs only 3.6 kg – Wireless – High DQE CsI detector – Preview within 3 seconds – Unique workstation software functions Highlights Konica Minolta AeroDR 10"x 12" System concept WLAN Detector AeroDR CsI FPD 25 x 30 cm Pixel size 175 µm – Very suitable for orthopaedic, pediatric and neonatal use – Lightweight, only 1.7 kg – Durable design – Quick preview – Low dose – Unique battery technology prevents overheating Highlights medigration DigiRoebs wireless Power Battery / WLAN Detector a-Si, CsI Pixium, 35 x 43 cm Pixel size 148 µm, 16 bit – Digital Radiography: The Next Generation – High-quality digital images at low dose – Real-time image processing within a few seconds (preview in 9 s) – Easy integration in existing radiography systems – Single touch screen console controls generator and acquisition software – Superior image quality and contrast detail with medigration image processing software “HARMONY”, (stitching for “long-leg” images as an option) – DICOM services: print, store, query/retrieve, MPPS, WL Highlights OR Technology Medici System concept depends on the flat panel Detector a-Si, 35 x 43 and 43 x 43 cm Pixel size depends on the flat panel – Available for almost any existing X-ray system – Various makes and sizes of flat panels allow individual configuration of the system – dicomPACS DX-R X-ray acquisition software can be operated intuitively via touchscreen – Professional image processing and integrated multimedia radiographic positioning guide Highlights PROTEC RAPIXX 43 WiFi System concept Wireless, portable detector Detector 43 x 36 cm, Cesium iodide Pixel size 144 µm – 16 bit dynamic range – images in 3 s result in high productivity – Wireless system connection (WiFi) – Portable and easy to handle: 4.8 kg – Simple integration and upgrade into existing conventional X-ray units – Outstanding flexibility: close at hand, close at patients, just one panel required for bucky table and wall integration – Docking station, interface box, power supply and CONAXX image acquisition software included in standard delivery – Fully DICOM compatible for integration to PACS Highlights