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RadBook 2013

INTERVENTIONALSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 201360 Surgical Flatpanel C-arms Ziehm 8000 Power 2 kW II format 23 cm Resolution 20.1 cm – 1.6 Lp/mm / 15.1 cm – 2.0 Lp/mm / 11.1 cm – 2.5 Lp/mm Ziehm 8000 combines reliable mobile imaging technology with a 24" high-end flatscreen. It is the tried-and-tested choice for orthopedic interventions, pain management, trauma and urology. Highlights Ziehm Vision R Power 7.5 / 20 kW II format 23 cm, 31 cm Resolution 21 cm – 2.0 Lp/mm / 16 cm – 2.5 Lp/mm / 11.5 cm – 3.1 Lp/mm 27.5 cm – 1.6 Lp/mm / 21 cm – 2.0 Lp/mm / 16 cm – 2.5 Lp/mm Equipped with a powerful monoblock generator with rotating anode techno- logy, Ziehm Vision R combines highest image quality with lowest radiation levels. The outstanding power reserves make this C-arm particularly suited for demanding procedures in cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology, including AAA, PTCA and coronary angioplasty. Highlights Ziehm Solo Power 2 kW II format 23 cm Resolution 21 cm – 2.0 Lp/mm 16 cm – 2.5 Lp/mm 11.5 cm – 3.1 Lp/mm Thanks to the integrated monitor, this C-arm is one of the most compact and versatile on the market. Ziehm Solo is especially designed for crowded treat- ment scenarios and delivers great performance for pain management, ortho- pedics and other applications. As an option Ziehm Solo can be easily supple- mented with a Ziehm Viewing Station and ceiling or wall mounted monitors. Highlights Ziehm Vision Vario 3D Power 2 kW II format 23 cm Resolution 21 cm – 2.0 Lp/mm / 16 cm – 2.5 Lp/mm / 11.5 cm – 3.1 Lp/mm Ziehm Vision Vario 3D’s small footprint and variable isocenter make it ideal for 3D imaging during surgery. The fully automatic 3D scanning procedure saves time and helps to reduce radiological follow-up examinations. Combined with navigation systems, this C-arm is particularly suited to orthopedics as well as trauma, neurosurgical, oral and maxillo-facial surgery. Highlights AGITO Medical WE BUY YOUR USED C-ARMS – Agito Medical offers a complete solution, as we will handle dismantling, packaging, loading and transportation of the equipment, keeping your obli- gation at a minimum. – Our ISO 14001 certification ensures an environmental friendly handling of the equipment. – We are a reliable partner, as we have 6,000 sqm warehouse allowing us to buy equipment for stock in any quantity. Highlights Intermedical RADIUS XP FP Power 20 kW Detector Digital Flat Panel Detector 30 x 30 cm Pixel size 1,536 x 1,536 pixels – Large Power reserve of 20 kW – Excellent 1,536 x 1,536 pixels image quality – Outstanding versatility: flexible configurations suitable for all the examinations – 12/30 frames sec. image acquisition – E-motion: all C-arm movements can be motorized – Dual Cooling System: liquid-to-air heat exchanger – Dual Power System: power reserve system Highlights