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RadBook 2013

ITSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 201366 RIS / PACS Agfa IMPAX 6 IMPAX 6 is a next generation PACS, designed to streamline your enterprise workflow and deliver increased efficiency and productivity to your hospital or care facility. It is a single workflow-based system that can serve your needs within, and outside, the walls of your facility. By proving an electronic work- flow system, streamlining study reviews, offering a persona-based design, and enabling improved reporting and results distribution, IMPAX 6 adapts to your specific needs. Highlights Carestream Vue PACS Provides one workspace for the clinical tools and applications physicians and radiologists need for convenient local and remote reporting. Web-enabled Vue PACS has integrated advanced visualization, 3D post processing, lesion ma- nagement, dictation, critical results notification and a mammography module that eliminates the need for dedicated workstations. Highlights Image iQ-SYSTEM PACS – Full-featured enterprise-wide PACS offering a full range of solutions for any medical branch – Both web based and workstation based system – Highest compatibility supporting virtually all imaging modalities in the market – Integrations done with most HIS, RIS and EMR vendors – Add-on modules available, e.g. for 3D post-processing, orthopedic templa- ting, nuclear medicine and more – Online storage capacity of up to 500 million images in a single database – Portal for referring physicians Highlights iSOFT Radiology Fusion iSOFT Radiology Fusion is a complete solution for continuous mapping of proces- ses in radiology, mammography, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. Choosing the most appropriate technology, architecture and software component, the solution is designed to transfer patients quickly and seamlessly from diagnosis to therapy. Core Features: – 3D functionality and segmentation – Pre-operative endo-prothetics with mediCAD module – Multimedia interface / import and export functionality Highlights ITZ Hyper.PACS with archiving-system Hyper.ARC – ITZ-Parallel-Archiving-Concept – No archiving of errors like with backup-principle – One database for PACS and archiving-system – Fast shortterm – and fireproof longterm – archive – Compliance to RöV and MDD Highlights medavis RIS medavis RIS revolutionizes radiology workflows. It offers process optimiza- tion, fast operation and comprehensive features in institutions of all sizes: concise scheduling, hassle-free service entry, fast report creation, automated billing. In addition, extensive data analyses are facilitated with a statistics mo- dule. This makes medavis RIS a high-performance system for planning and process optimization in radiology. medavis RIS fully integrates into the existing IT infrastructure, thus providing great flexibility while administrative processes remain simple. Highlights