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RadBook 2013

20 RAD·BOOK 2013 COMPUTEDTOMOGRAPHY go fewer scans altogether, and during those scans to spend less time holding their breath, rolling or stretching. That is a bonus for patients. So in addition to clinical advance- ments and significantly reduced overall costs, patients may also benefit from the patient friendly features. This is what makes up the cumulative strength of this family: It enhances patient care and business. Eric Johnson writes about technology, business and the environment from Zurich. Previously he headed what is now a Thompson-Reuters bureau and corresponded for McGraw-Hill World News. somatom-perspective approach from Siemens: for customers who run the SOMATOM Perspective in eMode for more than 80 percent of its operating time, their institution will be rewarded with dedicated eMode ser- vice benefits.6 Taking care of people Of course, money isn’t everything. The SOMATOM Perspective is also simple to use. Operators will appre- ciate ‘easeyour- workday’ accessories such as FAST Planning, FAST Cardio Wizard, the newly introduced FAST Spine,1 Workstream4D, the storage box and a standard reconstruction speed of up to 20 images per second. The gantry also offers Siemens’ unique Illumination MoodlightTM, which helps to banish the sterile, clinical loo- kand- feel of most examination rooms. As they are so fast and accurate, the scanners may allow patients to under- SOMATOM Perspective requires only 70 kVA. This allows installation in an existing scan room, without the need for extending, floor reinforcement or rewiring. All this means that instead of the 3 – 4 days downtime usually needed to fit a conventional CT, the SOMATOM Perspective can be up and running within 48 hours. In operation, these CTs run at lower temperatures and use less energy. Cool- ing requirements and total electricity consumption are around half those of a conventional scanner. Then comes the masterstroke: eMode. Built into the user interface, eMode allows opera- tion of the scanner in a patient-friendly and financially efficient way – with a single click. An analysis of the scan is made in real time, and the system is instantly fine-tuned according to the requirements of the user. This reduces wear and tear on the system. Coupled with this it comes a new ‘service plus’ 6 Individual service benefit availability is subject to country-specific offerings. Both the 64-slice and the 128-slice configu- ration offer the Illumination Moodlight.