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RadBook 2013

151RAD·BOOK 2013 DISPLAYS/PRINTERS Radiologymonitorsforeveryapplication For more than 25 years, Sony has been a trusted and reliable resource for the medical industry, producing re- cording devices, printers, CRT moni- tors, displays and other essential equip- ment for medical applications. Sony is continuing its legacy by focusing on the field of radiology with a full line-up of medical displays designed especially for diagnosis across all radiology dis- ciplines. The Sony LMD-DM series of high- luminance and high-contrast medical displays offer crystal clear images for critical diagnoses. These outstanding medical products are ideal for general diagnosis in mammography, CR/DR, CT, MRI and of course PACS work- stations. With improved standards of accuracy, these diagnostic displays re- affirm the commitment Sony is making to the medical industry. The line-up of Sony radiology monitors include 5 MP Diagnostic Display – LMD-DM50 3 MP Grayscale Display – LMD-DM30 2 MP Grayscale Display – LMD-DM20 3 MP Colour Display – LMD-DM30C 2 MP Colour Display – LMD-DM20C Driven by feedback from clinicians for higher quality and more detailed images, the three and five megapixel monochrome diagnostic displays fea- ture Independent Sub-pixel Drive* technology that is capable of produc- ing three times the resolution of con- ventional monochrome liquid crystal displays (LCDs). As a result, these dis- plays are ideal for diagnostic studies such as Full Field Digital Mammogra- phy (FFDM) where detailed viewing of micro-calcifications is paramount. Each LMD-DM Series display is equipped with an in-built luminance sensor, an ambient light sensor and a luminance control circuit. This enables the display to be optimised depending on the environment the radiology user is working in and the images being dis- played. The displays can also be used in portrait and landscape modes and are fully DICOM GSDF compliant. The LMD-KT10 Calibration Kit ensures calibrating the display is easy, while the LMD-SN10 Display Network Manager enables the remote adminis- tration and calibration required in modern hospital IT environments. For more information, please con- tact your nearest Sony dealer or visit The Sony LMD-DM series *Independent Sub-pixel Drive technology is the property of, and developed by, Totoku Electric Co.