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RadBook 2013

INJECTORSRAD·BOOK 201344 Injectors Covidien Angiomat Illumena Angiography injector Flow rate (5.2 – 20.7 bar) in CT mode 0.1 – 40.0 ml/s angio-cardiac and peripheral modes; 0.1 – 10.0 ml/s CT mode Capacity 50, 75, 100, 125 ml high pressure prefilled; 150 ml, 200 ml empty Max. injection pressure 75 – 1,200 psi (5.17 – 82.74 bar) in angio-cardiac and peripheral modes, 75 – 300 psi in CT mode – Injector for angiography, cardiology and CT contrast delivery – Digital powerhead display automatically “flips” as powerhead is rotated – Fill control bar allows easy, one finger operation – Latex free and transparent syringes provide crystal clear view of the contrast medium – Sensitive touchscreen display for direct and easy setup Highlights Covidien Optivantage DH Dual Head CT injector Flow rate 0.1 – 10.0 ml/s Capacity 50, 75, 100, 125 ml high pressure prefilled; 200 ml empty Max. injection pressure 50 – 325 psi (3.5 – 22.4 bar) – Contrast delivery injector with simultaneous injection capability for dual head injector protocols – Fully programmable powerhead: color coded display – Patency check feature: saline flush prior to injection – Timing bolus feature: to determine ideal scan – Auto-fill feature: automatically filling of syringes – Drip mode: changing drip rate, volume and duration Highlights Covidien Optistar Elite MRI injector Flow rate 20 – 150 psi (1.4 – 10.3 bar) for 60 ml syringes 0.1 – 0.8 ml/s Capacity 10, 15, 20, 30 ml high Max. injection pressure pressure prefilled; 60 ml empty – Dual syringe injector for magnetic resonance tomography – Battery free operation – Single bolus and dual phase injections – Full color touchscreen for a greater visibility – Switch from injection to drip mode at any time – Drop in syringe loading reduces preparation time Highlights Covidien OPTIBOLUS Bolus shaping software Application Software for Optivantage DH CT injector Media n/a Max. injection pressure n/a Optibolus software delivers contrast media at a controlled flow rate and volume to ensure enhanced diagnostic images. The Optibolus software is used to provide an exponentially decelerating flow rate injection that optimizes contrast use and provides an extended period of uniform vascular enhancement. Optibolus Bolus Shaping Software can be used in: – Cardiac CT – Pulmonary Embolism CT – CTA – Routine CT scans Highlights MEDRAD Avanta Advanced Fluid Management System Capacity 150 ml Selectable pressure increasement Pressure 300 / 1,200 psi/bar Flow-Rate Variable 1 to 10 ml/sec – Contrast and saline flush cardiovascular power injector – Precise fluid delivery, fluid level sensing and gross air detection. – Accurate injection pressure control with user adjustable pressure limits – Bolus sharpness delivering exact variable and fixed contrast via a responsive syringe – Color graphical user interface with on screen tutorial for simplified setup Highlights MEDRAD SPECTRIS SOLARIS EP Syringe Contrast Media 65 ml – Saline 115 ml Pressure Maximum 325 psi / 2,240 kpa Flow-Rate Selectable from 0.01 ml/sec to 10 ml/sec – Flexible power management with battery operation or continuous battery charging through AC power connection – switch to either battery or wall power in seconds – Pressure Limit selection from one of six preset maximum pressure limits, and the ability to view pressure during injection on the control room display. – 3.0 T compatibility even when placed right next to the magnet opening – Multi-phase injection control with 6 user-programmable phases including PAUSE and HOLD – Programmable and independent KVO separate from the injection profile Highlights