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RadBook 2013

MOLECULARIMAGINGRAD·BOOK 2013 139 PET-MR Accessories / Complementary Systems Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT – Astonish TF allows fast TOF scans, low dose, and excellent image quality – Increase diagnostic confidence with up to 30% improved contrast and recon- struction as fast as 30 seconds per bed – Manage both PET and CT dose better Highlights Peak NECR 110 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.3 CT Configuration 128-slice Siemens Biograph mCT 20 Excel Volumetric resolution 87 mm3 Gantry Opening 78 cm FOV 162 mm (axial) – Affordable performance – Industry-leading PET resolution* of 87 mm³ for lesion visualization, including small tumors* – Accurate SUV quantification and full HD lesion detection with motion-frozen images – One-click gating integrated in daily routine – Image virtually all patients** with unique 78 cm wide bore and short tunnel – Increase referral base with molecular resolution for bariatric and radiation therapy patients – 24/7 proactive monitoring ensures maximum uptime * Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file. ** Patients up to 227 kg/500 lb Highlights Siemens Biograph mCT Volumetric resolution 87 mm3 Gantry Opening 78 cm FOV up to 216 mm (axial) – Molecular CT – quantification redefined – Increased confidence in quantitative results with automatic daily quality control with normalization – Superb visualization, particularly of small tumors with industry-leading volu- metric resolution* of 87 mm³ – Whole-body PET scans in only 5 minutes – Lowest possible dose and high-speed workflow enabled by FAST CARE technologies – Increase revenue with a 78 cm bore and state-of-the-art CT combining precise anatomic and metabolic imaging for radiation therapy * Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file. Highlights Philips Ingenuity TF PET/MR – Groundbreaking system with a multitude of opportunities – Astonish TF time-of-flight technology combined with the exceptional soft tissue imaging of Achieva 3.0 T MRI in a whole body footprint – Allows you to bring personalized medicine to your patients – Allows advanced clinical research via whole-body molecular imaging across a wide range of validated applications Highlights Peak NECR 110 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.7 Siemens Biograph mMR System sensitivity 13.2 cps/kBq at 430 keV NEMA resolution 4.4 mm FOV 258 mm (axial) – World’s first simultaneous, whole-body molecular MR – One fully integrated MR and PET system for simultaneous data acquisition from both modalities – Obtain a comprehensive diagnostic picture with only one scan – One exam – one room – one whole-body solution Highlights Medical Index X-Ray Protection Garment: Double Sided Apron – For high durability: The WDA Apron needs no hoop-and-loop-fastener – WDA Apron with elastic backpart for best back support, cut out at the back for better moving – MADA-Apron, a complete wrap around radiation protection – MADA-Apron with elastic belt for maximum back support – DA-Apron with front overlapping with best distribution of the weight – DA-Apron with wide elastic belt (optional) – BRDA-Apron with overlapping at the Middle Part – CWDA easy closing at the shoulder and the side part – CWDA with hoop-and-loop-side closing Highlights