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RadBook 2013

MAGNETICRESONANCEIMAGINGRAD·BOOK 201338 United Imaging: Open Permanent MRI Talent 0.4 Tesla Field strength 0.4 T Gradient 20 mT/m Slew rate 40 T/m/s – Open magnet to maximize patient comfort and accessibility – Low AN (acoustic noise) – Low SAR (specific absorption rate) – Low PNS (peripheral nerve stimulation) – Clinical protocols and applications – User friendly workflow with multilingual interface – DICOM and IHE compliance – System OEM solution provided Highlights United Imaging: Open Permanent Special MRI imStar E3000 Field strength 0.3 T Gradient 20 mT/m Slew rate 40 T/m/s – Compact system for specific clinical applications – Innovative core technologies – Outstanding neurological application – Outstanding peripheral extremity application – Animal MRI imaging support – Research and education platform support – Customizable solutions with upgrading Highlights WDM: i_Open 0.36T Permanent MRI System Field strength 0.36 T Gradient 26 mT/m Slew rate 65 T/m/s – High field strength 0.36T, C-Shape permanent magnet – Passive + digital shimming – Patient gap 400 mm – Two channel phase array receiving coils – Comprehensive sequences and functionality: SE, GE, IR, FSE, FGE, MRA, STIR, FLAIR, MTC, MRCP, TOF,etc. – High performance workstation with DICOM 3.0 – CE and FDA approved Highlights Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.5 T – The first mid-field permanent magnet MRI system used in clinical application worldwide – Full range of scanning sequences, best images – High throughput, shorter scanning time Highlights Field 0.5 T Gradient 24 mT/m Slew rate 70 mT/m/ms Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.4 T – Higher SNR and larger imaging range with Multi-RF channels – Excellent images and full range of scanning sequences – Low power consumption, low failure rate, high operating ratio – Requires little space for installation Highlights Field 0.4 T Gradient 20 mT/m Slew rate 66 mT/m/ms Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.3 T – Complete function, excellent images, full range of scanning sequences – Clear quick scan image with high slew rate – Extremely low power consumption and very low failure rate Highlights Field 0.3 T Gradient 15 mT/m Slew rate 48 mT/m/ms