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RadBook 2013

13RAD·BOOK 2013 COMPUTEDTOMOGRAPHY A totally new way of scan- ning children, instanta- neous one shot scanning using handy snap can dra- matically reduce the need for patient sedation and simultaneously improve image quality while lowering radiation dose requirements. Low dose dynamic acquisi- tion during patient respira- tion allows true functional assessment for a variety of airways diseases. Volumet- ric scanning without table motion obvi- ates the need for respiratory triggering devices. These clinical applications are made possible by: – 16 cm of patient per rotation for ultra helical and dynamic volume acquisitions – The world’s thinnest 0.5 mm detec- tor elements providing the best pos- sible spatial resolution – Angled helical scans – Tech Assist lateral table movement and 78 cm large bore (only ViSION Edition) – Intelligent arrhythmia rejection – Routine low dose imaging with in- tegrated AIDR 3D – Myocardial perfusion validated by CORE320 multicenter study PATIENT PROTECTION Innovations in hardware and soft- ware have been designed to protect your patient throughout the entire ex- amination. Less Photons Equals Less Dose - The Quantum Vi Detector The newly developed Quantum Vi delivers a photon to light conversion rate 20% more efficient than other de- tector systems. Combined with a math- ematically negligible afterglow, this detector provides artifact free images with fewer x-ray photons. Advanced DAS design and inno- vative electronic shielding technology eliminate unwanted electronic noise and transfers signal at a rate of 20 Gb per second. This advanced design en- sures preservation of signal integrity and ultimately image quality. Integrated Dose Reduction Toshiba’s Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction in three dimensions (AIDR 3D) is fully integrated in the tube cur- rent modulation SUREExposure 3D soft- ware to optimize dose management for routine clinical use. The advantages of AIDR 3D in a nut- shell: – Protocol integration – Prospective mA reduction – Ease of use – Assured image quality – For each and every scan – Powerful reconstruction architec- ture delivering a maximum rate of 50 images per second. Pediatrics ONE Respiratory ONE Whole brain perfusion. Liver perfusion. Myocardial perfusion up to 16 cm. INNOVATION DESIGNED TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE