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RadBook 2013

ULTRASOUNDRAD·BOOK 2013176 Accessories / Complementary Systems Medical Index X-Ray Protection Garment: Accessories – Removalble sleeves – CTS Thyroid Collar comfortable and easy to wear – Medical Index Eye Protection – Medical Index Thyroid Protectors are shaped to fit comfortably over the Adam’s Apple – All Products are made from flexible multilayer Protection Sytem, available in three applications: Standard, 20% lighter Lightlead, Lead-free – Lead equivalent: 0,25 mmPb, 0,35 mmPb, 0,50 mmPb or on request Highlights Siemens ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner – Ideally suited to image patients with dense breast tissue and/or a history of breast disease – Acquisition of full-field volumes of the breast automatically, quickly and com- fortably – Efficient and comprehensive analysis of the volume data – Comprehensive BI-RADS reporting capabilities – Patient friendly - minimal compression – No radiation Highlights CIVCO General Purpose Needle Guidance Systems CIVCO’s needle guidance systems offer physicians reduced technique variability, a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time during ultrasound-guided proce- dures. They are designed for use with ultrasound systems from leading producers. – Ultra-ProII Needle Guide is for ultrasound-guided procedures including catheter placement, core tissue biopsy, drainage procedures and fine needle aspirations – Ultra-Proe Needle Guide offers an open channel with infinite angle capabili- ties, assuring accurate in-plane positioning during puncture – Ultra-Pro3 Needle Guide includes an easy-to-use “quick release” feature for detachment of guide provides physician flexibility during puncture procedures – Two-part systems: custom reusable biopsy bracket + disposable snap-on needle Highlights CIVCO Needle Tracking eTRAX and VirtuaTRAX needle guidance systems allow physicians safe and precise placement of instruments in the interventional suite by tracking the tip of needles and other instruments using electromagnetic technology in real-time navigation. – Enables precise percutaneous targeting of lesions without radiation or open surgery – Ideal for ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainage, fluid aspirationsand much more – eTRAX accepts 16GA or smaller instruments; VirtuTRAX 10–17GA instruments – eTRAX is compatible with validated ultrasound equipment and software only – VirtuTRAX is compatible with imaging systems with navigation technology, al- lowing physicians to more accurately track the tip of any rigid instrument such as biopsy needle or RFA probe as it is being directed to a targeted anatomical area Highlights CIVCO Ultrasound Transducer Covers CIVCO’s CIV-Flex Transducer Covers have been recommended for over three decades as the latex-free cover of choice and are a reliable way to provide patient and staff safety and prevent the spread of infection. – Offers extended sterile protection when performing puncture / drainage procedures – Soft, pliable, distortion-free, latex-free material – Available telescopically-folded for easy application to transducer and in extended lengths of 36 to 96 inches – Select covers offer a three-dimensional box end Highlights GCTechnology GmbH – CIRS Phantoms – Fetal ultrasound phantom family – Ultrasound heart phantom – Quality assurance test phantoms for US scanners – Male and female utrasound pelvic phantoms – Prostate phantom family – Breast phantom family – Thyroid ultrasound training phantom – Kidney training phantom – Vascular access training phantom kit Highlights