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RadBook 2013

12 RAD·BOOK 2013 COMPUTEDTOMOGRAPHY rejection software makes the impossi- ble scan possible. Volumetric 3D and 2D real time CT Fluoroscopy al- lows the most difficult in- terventional procedures to be performed with greater ease and improved safety for you and your patients. Real-time display to monitor needle placement as it hap- pens, dedicated biopsy planning tools, and oblique and double oblique nee- dle tracking in 3D Fluoroscopy are all available. From routine to remarkable – go beyond static imaging with dynamic assessment of blood flow to and perfusion of the entire brain. CLINICAL SUPERIORITY Aquilion ONE and its Vi- SION Edition are perfectly designed for the emergency department where mini- mizing risk and maximizing health outcomes of at risk patients is critical. Routine 0.275 second Ultra Helical acquisitions with InstaView reconstruction technology enables fast and accurate treatment decisions. Capture the whole heart in one rotation and the whole story in one study. The Aq- uilion ONE ViSION Edi- tion with volumetric 0.275 second scan speed delivers robust low dose imaging for all your patients for all heart rates. Intelligent arrhythmia Re-defining CT technology Theworld’smostadvanceddynamic volumeCTjustgotevenbetter Introducing the Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition – providing you and your patients robust clinical solutions when you need them most. This innovative new dynamic volume CT system enables all patients a successful examination, with the lowest possible radiation exposure and the highest quality diagnostic outcomes. – FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME. Emergency ONE Intervention ONE Neuro ONE Cardio ONE