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RadBook 2013

DISPLAYS/PRINTERSRAD·BOOK 2013156 Accessories / Complementary Systems Larivière medical – TIMS DICOM Converter A PC-based system that enables you to connect any analog medical modality to PACS Input: – Captures any streaming analog video and converts to DICOM – Converts any analog still images to DICOM – Receives from any DICOM modality – Converts non-DICOM modalities to DICOM – Converts scanned film to DICOM – Retrieves patient data from DICOM modality worklists Output: – Sends to any PACS – Records to removable media (CD, DVD, USB-drive, etc.) – Sends digital video, voice and DICOM files to remote users – Exports DICOM data (studies, images, video) – Prints out DICOM data to conventional and DICOM printers Highlights Larivière medical – VIDAR DiagnosticPRO Edge – Digitizes at double the speed of the pre- vious model, enabling a faster workflow – Accommodates up to 25 mixed-size films in batch mode w/auto-feeder, resulting in greater efficiency and increased productivity – Ideal for both general radiography and mammography – Clinically proven image quality and consistency – Produces images that exceed the American College of Radiology practice guidelines – Offers the only 36-bit datapath in the industry to maximize grayscale accuracy and performance – World-class reliability, service, and customer support – Full-service contracts are available – Up to 5-year warranty upgrade programs for new VIDAR digitizers Highlights Larivière medical – ACUSCREENPRO Calibration Tool – The world‘s only complete ambient-light-independent projection system for X-ray images of all sizes – 100 percent DICOM-compliant – Instant on-site calibration of projectors, large-screen displays and desktop monitors – Seamless integration with PACS workstations – Color calibration – Easy to use Highlights Radiance Series – by NDSsi – Features “DICOM” gamma correction setting for viewing PACS images – High Definition Imaging with Exceptional Contrast – Preeminent Advanced Image Processing (AIP) – Proven compatibility with endoscopic cameras, fluoroscopes, ultrasound machines and other medical imaging systems – Fully Compliant with OR Video Control Applications – Supports all professional digital and analog video inputs – Supports two DVI inputs as well as two HD-SDI inputs – RS-232 control – Allows any two input sources to be viewed simultaneously on the same display – Multiple Surgeon Specific, User-Selectable Settings – LED Backlight Highlights DomeAccess – by NDSsi DomeAccess uses a secure web-based portal into Dome Dashboard through any standard web browser. ACCESS: The intuitive web user interface and convenient accessibility of DomeAccess provides asecure solution from anywhere in the world. BACKUP: Using the DomeAccess backup service option, Dome Dashboard server data can be backed up to the cloud. CONFIDENCE: DomeAccess is hosted and maintained in the cloud by and monitored by Dome to ensure speedy bandwidth and uptime. Highlights ConductOR Video Informatics – by NDSsi – All-In-One, Medical-Grade, Video Routing Solution (video streaming over IP networks) – Enables routing any medical imaging source to the surgeon’s FOV and beyond – Matrix switching functionality that allows any input to be routed to any output simultaneously and independently – Converts any OR video source to DVI, Fiber Optic or 3G-SDI for easy routing of images to a boom-mounted or wall-mounted display – Preserves image quality and signal integrity – Built-in front touch screen allows easy control as a stand-alone unit – Flexible configuration options (modular design) – Streams OR video sources (in HD) and audio to remote locations via Ethernet – Bi directional audio! Highlights