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RadBook 2013

TESTINGDEVICESRAD·BOOK 2013 181 Measurement solutions in the medical field Learn more about our complete product range at LINEUP FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE AND SERVICE Why have the majority of X-ray manufacturers, physicists and technicians made Unfors RaySafe the leading X-ray QA equipment provider in the world? Because our solutions are built on three key principles: ease of use, speed, and accuracy. RAYSAFE THINX RAYSAFE SOLO RAYSAFE X2 RAYSAFE Xi Radcal ACCU-PRO – X-Ray Analyzer – Simultaneous dose, rate, time, kVp. HVL, filtration, mA/mAs and more – Use for manufacturing, installation, QA and service – R/F, mammography, CT, dental, leakage – Ion chamber and solid state sensor dosimetry no corrections required – Correctly measure AEC fluoro and filtered beams – Remote control, waveforms, and archiving with XLPRO Software – Compact, easy to use Highlights Radcal DAP Analyzers – PDC (Patient Dose Calibrator) – Use to calibrate DAP (Dose Area Product) meters – Measures and displays DAP/Rate, Dose/Rate – Optical and radiographic alignment markers – Simple to use with optional computer control Highlights