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RadBook 2013

ITSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 201370 Image iQ-VIEW PRO 3D iQ-VIEW PRO 3D is an easy-to-use multimodality radiology workstation for any 2D- and 3D-readings including MPR, MIP and volume rendering. – Supports virtually any image modality including MRI, CT, PET CT, CR, DR, US, mammography, SPECT images, fluoroscopy, tomosynthesis – MPR, MIP, MinIP, SSD, VRT – Many RIS/HIS/EMR integrations available – Integrated DICOM structured reporting module Highlights ITZ Medicom Hyper PACS - Reporting and Advanced Visualization – Universal solution for all purposes – Free selection of postprocessing software for Radio and Cardio – One surface for viewing, diagnosis and telemedicine – Viewing-history, session-parking, MRT-space-time-presentation – Real-time viewing. LVA, QCA and 3D-high-end-postprocessing – Unlimited lists for demo, science and presentations Highlights medigration ImageVision þ Mammo MR screening ¨ Calcium scoring ¨ CFA þ Coronaries / heart þ Lung ¨ EP planning þ Funktional imaging þ Stroke ¨ Vessel measurement ¨ Virtual colonoscopy – Easy to use, high performance examination and analysis system for radiological routines – Access to all images (including previous images) within seconds – Unique and hierarchical data compression without any loss – Individually configurable hanging protocols – Independent individual scaling of your interfaces Highlights Mint Medical – mint Liver mint Liver – Liver Resection Planning mint Liver offers valuable and efficient methods and workflows to support dia- gnosis and therapy planning of liver diseases. – Smooth integration into clinical workflow by optimal integration in existing software platforms – Fully automatic liver analysis for high quality visualization and volumetric analysis – Easy definition of resection strategies enables an update of the resection plan even during surgery – Customizable reports Highlights Mint Medical – mint Lesion mint Lesion – Comprehensible treatment assessment mint Lesion supports radiologists and oncologists in assessing the effectiveness of a cancer therapy. An optimized workflow streamlines radiological readings, e.g. by fast classification and tracing of lesions throughout all follow-up studies. – Invocation from RIS, PACS, EMR, EDC, preserving the current working context – Organ-independent image analysis for various imaging modalities (CT, MRI, PET, DICOM CR, DX, DICOM NM) – Simultaneous assessment of tumor entities at arbitrary points of time – Image correlation and lesion matching in follow-up assessments – RECIST, WHO, irRC, Choi, Cheson, mRECIST for HCC, and customizable modifications – Treatment assessment with automatic response classification Highlights Mint Medical – MITK 3M3 MITK 3M3 – Image Analysis MITK 3M3 is a free and user-friendly application which ensures effective and efficient work, analysis, and visualization of radiological image data. – DICOM support, including disc import and local database – Visualization of 2D, 3D and 3D+t images – Advanced GPU volume visualization, vessel analysis – Data fusion / registration, overlay (image fusion) of different image data – Chronological comparison of images – Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS Highlights