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RadBook 2013

RAD·BOOK 2013118 R/F–DIGITAL Tetenal VIDIX U (Universal Type) Design Swivel Bracket System Detector a-Se (amorphous Selenium) Size 43 x 43 cm (17" x 17") – User-friendly – easy – reliable – efficient – Low radiation – Full auto positioning – Interchangeable grid – Anti-collision system Highlights Toshiba Radrex-I Power 80 kW Detector a-Si Csl Pixel size 139 µm This digital radiography system is a new-concept system that permits radiogra- phy to be performed easily and with greater accuracy. In this system, the operating sections for the digital image processor and the X-ray high-voltage generator are integrated, and the use of an integrated panel improves workflow. The X-ray tube support moves in synchronization with the radiographic posi- tions of the vertical Bucky stand and the elevator-type Bucky table provided with FPDs. Highlights Villa Sistemi Medicali – ArmonicUs Power 50 / 65 / 80 kW Detector a-Silicon detector with CsI scintillator, 43 x 43 cm Pixel size 143 µm – Cost-effective DR U-arm system for extended use, including general radiographic, emergency and orthopedic studies – Compact structure with telescopic arm, integrated cabinet and reduced height column – Easy patient positioning via manual mode or APR functions – Auto-positioning capabilities according to RIS procedure codes – Touch screen control panel, secondary keyboard and infrared remote control as standard – Variable source to image distance (SID) up to 180 cm – On-board parking station for two grids Highlights Villa Sistemi Medicali – D-View MP Power 50 / 65 / 80 kW Detector a-Silicon detector with CsI scintillator, 43 x 43 cm Pixel size 143 µm – Single detector DR system for all general radiographic, skeletal, chest, emergency applications – Tilting detector support with motorized inclination –20° / +90° – Ceiling tubestand with vertical auto-tracking function to automatically keep the alignment between the tube and the detector – Two removable and interchangeable grids – Choice of different mobile patient tables with carbon fiber tabletop Highlights Villa Sistemi Medicali – Moviplan + VDX-air Power 32 / 40 / 50 / 65 / 80 kW Detector a-Silicon detector with Gadox or CsI conversion screen, 35 x 43 cm Pixel size 139 µm – Modular bucky system for general radiographic applications – Several configuration options: table available with motorized lift, floor-mounted or ceiling suspended tubestand – Optional tomographic functionalities – Portable 35 x 43 cm VDX-air wireless detector, for use in either table or chest stand buckies – Digital images immediately transferred at the VDX-air’s workstation – Portable detector equipped with battery charger and three batteries Highlights WDM: New Oriental 1000 Fully Automatic DR System Power 80 Detector 43 x 43 cm FPD Pixel size 148 µm – 80 kW high frequency generator – Advanced FPD detector – Ceiling suspending structure meet all kinds of clinical needs – 5 axis electric control – Auto positioning function – Fast position switch – High acquisition speed – Remote control available – Advanced patient protection technology – More than 600 APR programs for doctor’s reference – Powerful INVARAY digital imaging platform – DICOM 3.0 compatibility – CE approved Highlights