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RadBook 2013

MMS Medicor Medical Supplies GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 6 · 50170 Kerpen Telefon +49 2273 9808-0 · Fax +49 2273 9808-99 Medicor Medical Supplies GmbH Weyringergasse 6/2 · 1040 Wien Telefon +43 1 50 46671-0 · Fax +43 1 50 46671-99 Medicor Medical Supplies GmbH Gewerbestraße 10 · 6330 Cham Telefon +41 41 74940-83 · Fax +41 41 74940-88 Besuchen Sie uns unter: Weltweite Partnerschaften garantieren diesen Anspruch. Tomosynthese und digitale Vollfeld-Mammographie (FFDM) Vakuumbiopsiesysteme für Ultraschall, Stereotaxie und MRT Interventionelle Mammographie und mobile Assessmenteinheit CAD-Systeme für MRT, CT, Thorax- und Mammadiagnostik Non-invasive Tumor-Therapie mit hochfokussiertem Ultraschall (HIFU) Lokale Tumortherapie mit Mikrowellen- und Cryoablation Ab sofort komplettiert SAMSUNG unsere Produktpalette mit Digitalen Röntgen- und Ultraschallgeräten. Medizintechnik auf höchstem Niveau Die Grundlage für eine gesunde Zukunft MEDRAD Mark 7 Arterion Syringe 150 ml Pressure 100 – 1,200 psi Flow-Rate 0.1 – 45.0 ml/sec; 0.1 – 59.9 ml/min; 0.1 increments The Mark 7 Arterion Injection System is the latest in MEDRAD’s “Mark” series of angiographic injectors. – The Mark 7 Arterion is lighter (compared to earlier systems), more maneuver- able and easier to use so you can focus more on the patient – It has a clear and intuitive user interface and a unique front-load system to simplify set-up and enable a cleaner tear-down – The clear syringe facilitates purging air – Multiple configurations for maximum configuration flexibility Highlights MEDRAD Dual Syringe CT Injector Stellant D Syringe A and B: 200 ml Pressure 325 psi (22.1 bar) Flow-Rate A and B: 0.1 – 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments – Saline Flush Capability for contrast efficiency – Automated loading, filling, and priming – Stores and recalls up to 32 programs – Precisely times contrast delivery with real-time display of injection pressure. – MEDRAD’s P3T Personalized Patient Protocol software automates persona- lized protocols for each patient, enabling a higher percentage of diagnostic- quality images (vs. standard protocols) while maintaining efficient workflow Highlights MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System Flow-Rate 1 ml/sec Imagine, smarter, safer, simpler PET. Automate Infusion, Standarize Protocols, Personalize Doses, Reduce Technolo- gist Exposure MEDRAD is redefining PET with smarter, simpler and safer FDG or NaF administration. Using a simple touch screen, the power-driven Intego PET Infusion System infuses doses-on-demand from a multi-dose vial providing you with greater flexibility, enhanced workflow, added protection, and more accurate, repeatable, patient-specific dosing. Highlights