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RadBook 2013

DISPLAYS/PRINTERSRAD·BOOK 2013152 Printer EIZO RadiForce LX300W Pixel matrix 4 MP Panel size 29.8" Max. luminance 750 cd/m² – Multi monitor scenarios in a single glance – Environmentally-friendly LED backlight – Diagnostic precision with factory adjustment – Quick brightness stabilization for instant viewing – Customer assurance with medical standards Highlights Larivière medical – The DICOM-Imaging Optimizer Analysis and consulting – optimization of medical imaging: – Calibration of projectors, large-screen displays and desktop monitors with our proprietary software for full DICOM 14 conformity – Our calibration software compensates for inconsistent lighting conditions – Compatibility check for all system components – Preparation and installation of all necessary components – Matching up colors for dual projection systems Turnkey projection systems for conference and meeting rooms: – Analysis of the premises, e.g. impact of the room and furniture layout on AV presentations, issues with the wiring, etc. – Learning of customer’s preferences and needs – Pre-installation, planning and design – Installation and commissioning of the projection equipment Highlights Dome GX4MP – by NDSsi – RightLight-guaranteed lifetime DICOM calibration – High quality, high-bright 4 MP 10-bit color display, high-speed dual link DVI – Suitable for primary diagnostics for general X-ray – DICOM calibrated ‘out of the box’ – Fanless display, lightweight, low-power – Uncompromised, perfect image quality, suitable for grayscale and color images – Diamond standard for general radiology and color enhanced diagnostics – Fanless display, lightweight, low-power Highlights Resolution 4 MP Color Size 30" Sectra Visualization Table A 46-inch medical multi-touch display enabling multiple users to interact collabo- ratively and simultaneously with the real-size 3D images generated by CT and MRI scanners to gain deeper understanding and insight into the functions and processes inside the body. The user can, for example, visualize different kinds of tissues and cut through sections with a virtual knife. The table makes a significant contribution to medical education. The visualization table is powered by a tailored Sectra PACS workstation. Sectra’s patented visualization techniques even allow immediate display of datasets of extreme size, such as high-resolution, full-body scans. Highlights Agfa HealthCare DRYSTAR 5503 Technology Direct digital imaging Capacity 100 films/h (14" x 17") Resolution 508 dpi / 50 µm pixelsize – Multi-modality, high throughput imager with film sorter – Ideal for centralized workflow, can easily be connected to the network – Integrated A#Sharp technology for optimized image quality – 3 multi-format trays, each supporting different film sizes and types – Suitable for CT, MRI, DSA, digital R&F, CR, DR and optional mammography applications Highlights Agfa HealthCare DRYSTAR 5302 Technology Direct digital imaging Capacity 75 films/h (14" x 17") Resolution 320 dpi – Suitable for all applications and ideal for CR/DR – A#Sharp technology for optimized image quality – Convenient imaging with two media sizes on-line (multi-format) – Very short access time ensures fast printing of small print jobs Highlights