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RadBook 2013

TESTINGDEVICESRAD·BOOK 2013182 RaySafe Solo CT Dose and DLP measurements on CT machines can be performed with this du- rable solution. The RaySafe Solo CT offers precise measurements utilizing an ion chamber with 100 mm active length for calculation of CTDI. The RaySafe Solo CT is based on a hybrid detector, where the ion chamber and electronics are combined into one unit. This enables measurement of temperature and pressure inside the ion chamber. Highlights RaySafe Solo DENT The RaySafe Solo DENT features kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse mea- surements on cone beam CT, intra-oral and panoramic X-ray machines. For any radiation beam used in dental X-ray, the slim detector is the perfect tool. Furthermore the meter will handle any type of filtration used in dental without a need for corrections. Highlights RaySafe Solo DOSE The most straight-forward model in the RaySafe Solo range measures dose, dose rate, time and pulses on both Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray machines. Ideal, when the need is limited to performing dose measurements only. With the RaySafe Solo DOSE you will have full range dose meter for almost any application. Highlights RaySafe Solo MAM The RaySafe Solo MAM is available in two models: RaySafe Solo MAM and RaySafe Solo MAM dose. They are the ideal solutions for measurements on a large variety of mammography machines. Both sup- port the beam qualities Mo/Mo, Mo/Al, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, Rh/Al, W/Rh and W/Ag and measure dose, dose rate, time, pulse. Additionally the RaySafe Solo MAM also includes kV for the beam qualities Mo/Mo and W/Rh. Highlights RaySafe ThinX The RaySafe ThinX has been designed to meet the need for a basic multi-para- meter instrument for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, time and pulses. All parameters can be continually viewed in the convenient LCD display. There is no need to adjust settings, set-up or range selection, as the RaySafe ThinX works all automatically. As soon as radiation is detected the instrument switches itself on by using the automatic on/off function. Highlights RaySafe Xi The RaySafe Xi is a complete system for multiparameter measurements on all X-ray modalities. It simultaneously measures everything from kVp and dose to HVL and waveforms. It is preferred by leading experts from all over the world. Invest just a few seconds of your life in RaySafe Xi, and it may completely change it. At least in the way you measure on X-ray equipment. Highlights