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RadBook 2013

DISPLAYS/PRINTERSRAD·BOOK 2013154 Fujifilm DryPix Plus Technology Laser exposure thermal development system Capacity up to 160 films/h Resolution 100/50 micron is selectable for all sizes, 14 bits – 3 daylight film trays – 4 available film formats from 20 cm x 25 cm up to 35 cm x 43 cm – Optional 4 bin film sorter – High resolution and density for mammography (Dmax = 4.0) – Quick cold start time – DICOM compatible – Automatic density correction Highlights Fujifilm DryPix Prima Technology Laser Capacity up to 70 films/h Resolution 100 micron, 14 bits – Tabletop laser printer – 0.38 m² footprint – Support for 5 different film formats – Fully DICOM compatible Highlights Konica Minolta DryPro 873 – Fully DICOM compatible – Ready for up to 3 film trays – Optional sorter available – Fast multi-modality printer for optimal performance – High density printing for mammography – Dmax 4.0 Highlights Capacity 180 films/h Resolution 43.75 µm System Laser Konica Minolta DryPro 832 – Smallest laser imager – Fastest time for first film print out (50 s) – Ready for up to 2 film trays – Support of 5 different film sizes Highlights Capacity 90 films/h Resolution 78.6 µm/12 bit System Laser medigration DICOM PaperPrint Format DIN A3, 11 x 17 inch Capacity up to 120 paper prints/h Resolution 1,200 x 2,400 dpi (print), 600 x 600 dpi (copy) – Supports all DICOM 3.0 modalities (e.g. CT, MRT, CR, DR, US, NUK etc) – Supports one or more PostScript printers within the network – General licence package (no restrictions on how many DICOM modalities are connected) – Image header and footer customizable incl. physician logo – Separate LUT (Look Up Table) for each printing system – GSDF calibration according IHE Highlights medigration CD-Imager Format CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL Capacity 30 CDs/h or 15 DVDs/h (burn and print) Magazine size 2 x 50 pcs – Fully automatic compact system for creating DICOM patient CDs or DVDs – Highly compatible with all digital DICOM modalities (multimodality) – Individual labeling (practice/clinic logo) – Easy integration of DICOM patient data – Extremely cost effective due to quick printing times and low link consumption Highlights