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RadBook 2013

MAGNETICRESONANCEIMAGINGRAD·BOOK 201340 Link Medical System LEADING INDEPENDENT PROVIDER FOR GENERAL ELECTRIC CT & MRI SYSTEMS WE OFFER A RELIABLE AND ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE: – Spare parts and service – System Upgrades – Turnkey solutions Highlights NORAS Multipurpose Coils CPC and VARIETY Field strength 1.5 and 3 T Channels 8 and 16 System platform Siemens The specialty of the 8 Ch CPC is the high density of small elements for many body regions (coil diameter only 5 cm per channel). Therefore, a high signal gain is given and very high resolutions can be achieved. With Siemens software update VB19 the array becomes Tim compatible. Currently in development, the 16 Ch VARIETY will cover a larger area and can therefore be used to examine larger anatomical regions. This array consists of two identical coils halves that can be used single, as a surface array, or in conjunction with each other, clasping an anatomical area as a volume array. Highlights NORAS Neurosurgery Solution FLEXIBILITY Field strength 1.5 T and 3 T Channels 8 System platform Siemens and Philips The new version of the NORAS stereotactic head holder, integrated in an 8 Ch iMRI head coil for imaging and intervention in the neurosurgical OR environ- ment, provides more flexibility in patient positioning. Being height adjustable, the setup enables optimal positioning in 70 cm bore systems. Moreover the head holder is movable along the bore direction, which is very convenient when placing the patient on the transfer-board in the first place. A mechanically improved solution for the anchorage of the 5-point fixation on the c-arc is implemented, which will block any movement at the wing point. Highlights NORAS Biopsy Breast Coil w / Biopsy Unit Field strength 1.5 T and 3 T Channels 4 System platform Siemens The 4 Ch Biopsy Breast Coil serves for diagnostics as well as for breast biopsies. A very open designed setup with the NORAS patient rest, guarantees optimal access to the breast for interventions. The Biopsy Set includes a complete positioning unit and two disposable grids for medial, lateral and cranio-caudal access. It is compatible with the coordination software from Siemens and modularly extendable based upon request. The re-usa- ble quality plastics (PEEK) are suitable for all traditional sterilization processes. NORAS also offers biopsy units compatible to GE and Invivo breast coils. Highlights NORAS 4Ch Flex Coils – Dental Array / Orbit Array Field strength 1 T, 1.5 T and 3 T Channels 4 System platform Siemens and Philips (1 T Philips only) NORAS follows the concept of optimized product design, which delivers sig- nificant higher SNR compared to standard coils. Both flex coils guarantee an optimum adaption to the anatomy of the particular examination area and feature high wearing comfort due to the low weight. The NORAS 4 Ch Dental Array has been designed for high-resolution MR imaging of dental structures, periodontal structures and nerval structures in the dental area. The NORAS 4 Ch Orbit Array has been optimized for the MR imaging of the eye so- cket and orbita. Similar to diving glasses the flex coil is placed directly above the eyes. Highlights NORAS 8 Channel Elbow Array Field strength 1.5 T and 3 T Channels 8 System platform Siemens With the modified loop geometry of the new NORAS 8 Channel Elbow Array a significantly improved signal-to-noise-ratio has been achieved whilst ensuring at the same time a homogeneous illumination of the examination area. Due to its very compact and closed design this volume array provides best imaging quality when it comes to diagnosis of the elbow. The high contrast in soft tissue visualization, what sets MRI apart from other examination methods, helps to show evidence of tumoral, inflammatory and traumatic diseases. Highlights