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RadBook 2013

104 RAD·BOOK 2013 R/F–DIGITAL free battery never needs to be replaced during the flat panel detector’s lifetime and takes only 30 minutes to recharge from empty. Meanwhile, the extremely robust, integral design of its carbon/ glass-fibre housing withstands severe knocks and shocks during day-to-day operation. Roswitha Gärtner and Monika Bit- zl, both radiographers in the Augsburg radiology practice, are also impressed with the new digital technology. “The best thing about the Konica Minolta mobile digital detector is that every- thing can be done much faster,” they say. It takes them just a few clicks to post-process the images, enabling Dr. Grumbrecht to proceed with his diag- nosis almost immediately from his own “I was won over by this solution’s overall concept from the outset, and the lightweight wireless detector and touchscreen-operated system control were deciding factors,” explains Dr. Grumbrecht. The 35 x 43 cm flat panel has over 4.8 million (1,994 x 2,430) pixels and thus ensures a resolution of 175 µm pixels. The wireless image transfer function means that the X-rays can be viewed on the CS-7 preview sta- tion just seconds after exposure. Not only does the digital radiogra- phy detector produce particularly high- quality images, but it is also extremely lightweight and hence very ergonomic: at a mere 2.9 kg, it is one of the world’s lightest mobile flat panel detectors with wireless technology. The maintenance- Wireless flat panel detector takes radiography to the next level Turningoldintonew tem which was still in perfect working order. Konica Minolta, leading provider of medical imaging systems, offered just what he was looking for: he opted to retrofit the bucky room with the Aer- oDR mobile wireless flat panel detector which could be used – just like a con- ventional X-ray cassette – in the table bucky tray, in the wall stand and for free exposures. In early 2011, Dr. Stephan Grumbrecht decided to digitise his radiology prac- tice in Augsburg, Germany. He was keen to benefit from the short work- flows and high-quality digital images offered by Digital Radiography. How- ever, he did not want to completely replace his tried-and-trusted X-ray sys- The ergonomic wireless detector is as flexible as an X-ray cassette. The maintenance-free battery takes only 30 minutes to recharge.