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RadBook 2013

RAD·BOOK 2013 131 R/F–DIGITAL Toshiba Ultimax-i Power 80 kW Detector 3k x 3k high resolution 43 x 43 cm flat panel detector Pixel size 148 µm The Ultimax-i system provides a multipurpose digital X-ray system with a tilting C-arm table for multipurpose diagnostic applications and interventional radio- logy. An additional ceiling mounted X-ray tube can be combined. This system can be used for the following applications, which are given as examples. – Contrast-enhanced studies of the digestive tract, endoscopic studies – Non-vascular contrast-enhanced studies – Non-vascular interventional radiology – Vascular contrast-enhanced studies of the head, neck, abdomen / lower extremities – Vascular interventional radiology of the abdomen and extremities Highlights Toshiba Zexira/FPD Power 80 kW Detector 3k x 3k high resolution 43 x 43 cm flat panel detector Pixel size 148 µm The digital remote control R/F system Zexira is mainly suitable for use in gastrointestinal examinations and the following X-ray examinations. – Contrast-enhanced studies and endoscopic studies of the digestive tract – General radiography (general abdominal / skeletal radiography) – Non-vascular contrast-enhanced studies of the spine, intervertebral disks, joint cavities, biliary tract, nerve block procedures, etc. – Non-vascular IVR (ERCP, PTC, biopsy, ileus tube, etc.) – Angiography (abdomen, shoulders, upper / lower trunk and cervical spine, etc.) – Vascular IVR (simple angioplasty, maintaining the dialysis paths, etc.) Highlights Siemens new Luminos dRF The new Luminos dRF – The only 2-in-1 system with Human Touch Technology. We built on a winning team to reach your goals in image quality, flexibility, efficiency and security. – SmartMove: one touch to move the system to where its needed – SmartTouch: only on human touch, will the system move – SmartView: one touch to get the images you need – 2-in-1 system for digital fluoroscopy and radiography – 48 cm low table height for easy patient transfer – 43 cm x 43 cm dynamic flat detector Highlights Design Flat detector remote controlled fluoroscopy and radiography system Detector Amorphous Silicon with Cesium Iodide Scintillator Size 43 cm x 43 cm Siemens Luminos Fusion Luminos Fusion – The 2-in-1 system that fits your needs and fits your budget. – 43 cm x 43 cm – large distortion-free flat detector images – SmartTouch – improves safety for patients and staff – CARE – outstanding dose reduction without compromising image quality – 2-in-1 efficiency – increased system utilization saves time, space and costs – 1 customer experience – with 1 platform family combining technologies from our high-end systems Highlights Design Digital remote-controlled R/F system Siemens Luminos Select Luminos Select – don’t compromise, be select. This system provides economical access to select Luminos fluoroscopy system technologies backed by Siemens’ market leadership. – Digital fluoroscopy with excellent image quality – Platform concept – select to match your budget – Common Siemens user interface for ease of use – Imaging system from our high-end products – Table with excellent patient access from all sides Highlights Design Digital remote-controlled R/F system STEPHANIX D2 RS Power up to 80 kW Detector CsI Flat Panel Detector Pixel size n/a – Unique 3-in-1solution to proceed to radiography, fluoroscopy and direct projections – Video camera for patient positioning without radiation – Easy patient transfert with smart access 120 cm for a real back access – SID up to 180 cm to emphasize the flexibility of the system – Patient weighing up to 250 kg without any restrictions – Stitching capability – DICOM connectivity – Additionnal detector and 2nd tube on OTS Highlights