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RadBook 2013

Link Medical System LEADING INDEPENDENT PROVIDER FOR GENERAL ELECTRIC CT & MRI SYSTEMS WE OFFER A RELIABLE AND ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE: – Spare parts and service – System Upgrades – Turnkey solutions Highlights Philips Ingenia 3.0 T – Increase SNR by up to 40% – Plug-and-play expansion – Largest homogeneous FOV for a 70 cm bore – As much as 30% improvement in throughput – Significant reduction of routine tasks – Contrast uniformity, speed, consistency MultiTransmit 4D brings the benefits of MultiTransmit technology to cardiac imaging. It adapts RF signals to each patient, addressing dielectric shading to provide superb image uniformity, contrast and consistency, as well as faster imaging – The first-ever digital broadband MR system Highlights Field 3.0 T Gradient 45 mT/m Slewrate 22 T/m/s Philips Achieva 3.0 T TX – MultiTransmit technology for enhanced speed, image quality and consistency through patient-adaptive imaging – Productivity and efficiency with SmartExam: 1 click for consistent and reproducible MR exams. Available for brain, spine, knee, shoulder and breast – Advanced functionality: high SENSE acceleration capabilities, ultra-fast MR angiography with 4D-TRAK, cardiac imaging with k-t BLAST, 2k imaging for ultra-high spatial resolution and unique applications like DWIBS, ASL and SENSE spectroscopy Highlights Field 3.0 T Gradient 80 mT/m Slewrate 200 mT/m/ms