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RadBook 2013

ITSYSTEMSRAD·BOOK 201374 Hectec mediCAD mobile mediCAD mobile gives you direct access to planning regardless time and loca- tion. According to American market researchers, more than 100 million tablet computers will be used for medical applications in 2013. Users of these devices save tremendous amounts of time. X-ray images, analyses, PACS images, planning files, and a wide variety of documents can be used directly at the point of care. Highlights Hectec mediCAD QueryClient mediQR and Query Client PACS connectivity for mediCAD mediCAD works with the DICOM standard. For special adaptations to other digital systems, please contact us. With a range of partners we have already implemented a successful connection. Highlights Hectec mediCAD spine 3D This new module opens up a whole new world for planning doctors. Now you can use CT or MRT images to plan in three dimensions. With fully automated recognition of all present vertebrae and segments, mediCAD 3D provides you with active support while performing a wide variety of measurements. Of course, you can always manually reduce automatic results to the desired values and edit suggestions made by the software. Highlights medigration MammoView CAD-Option ¨ Brain ¨ Lung þ Mammo ¨ Cardio ¨ Liver ¨ Abdomen ¨ CT ¨ MRI ¨ CR / DR ¨ PET / CT – CAD microcalcifications detection and diagnosis support – CAD calculation in the background without separate hardware – Intuitive user interface for identification training – Detected calcifications can be scaled up and viewed individually in sequence without additional expense Highlights Saegeling Medizintechnik – DynaCAD for PROSTATE (Philips Invivo) System for computer-aided diagnosis, documentation and intervention planning in the MRI. – Flexible, expandable, customizable solutions – Reliable computer-aided diagnosis (using multi-parametric MRI) and intervention planning for precise tissue sampling – Easy to handle, standardized documentation capabilities DynaTRIM: The world’s first fully MRI compatible interventional device for transrectal prostate biopsies. – 4-direction adjustment allows for most precise positioning – Wide range of accessories for artifact-free intervention DynaCAD and DynaTRIM are compatible with all major MR scanning systems. Highlights Saegeling Medizintechnik – DynaCAD for BREAST (Philips Invivo) ¨ Brain ¨ Lung ¨ Mammo ¨ Cardio ¨ Liver ¨ Abdomen ¨ CT þ MRI ¨ CR / DR ¨ PET / CT – System for computer-aided diagnosis, documentation and intervention planning in the MRI (compatible to all major MR scanners) – Digital imaging processing workstation with comprehensive visualization tools for analysis of MR image data sets in real time (multi-parametric MRI) – Equipped with a wide range of automated processing capabilities – Contains precise, highly effective intervention planning tools for MR-guided biopsies, designed to work with all major breast coils and biopsy technologies Highlights