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RadBook 2013

DISPLAYS/PRINTERSRAD·BOOK 2013 141 Diagnostic monitor line-up with LED backlights EIZO’sRadiForceG&R-Series LED-backlight monitors ensure sta- ble and reliable performance needed in diagnostic monitors while increasing the service life since LEDs deteriorate far slower than traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights. EIZO has a full lineup of medical monitors with LED backlights, from 2-megapixel monitors to 8-megapixel monitors, all of them offering longer life, lower power consumption and re- duced environmental load. RadiForce G&R monitors take full account of medical institutions` need for different types of monitors with DI- COM Part 14 standard calibration and high-performance capabilities required for confident diagnosis. EIZO offers a five-year limited warranty. World Headquarters RTI Electronics AB Flöjelbergsgatan 8 C SE-431 37 Mölndal, SWEDEN E-mail: Phone: + 46 31 746 36 00 Fax: + 46 31 27 05 73 From Radiation to Information ADVANCED X-ray QA Measurements Should be EASY