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upgraded to AeroDR, processes ap- proximately thirty patients a day. The image quality and user friendly design of the AeroDR have been particularly appreciated for reviewing X-rays of chests, bones, spine and digestive sys- tem and also for emergency examina- tions. “Why did you choose AeroDR?” Dr. Pierre Wirth, one of the Radiolo- gists at the Radiology Center of Poissy: “We have been using Konica Minolta CR technology in our three X-ray rooms for many years, and I have al- ways appreciated the image quality and the reliability of their technology. The AeroDR has presented itself as the ideal solution to further improve the technical level of the Center and brings an obvious improvement to user friendliness, an opportunity to acquire examinations with better image qual- ity and a very significant reduction of patient dose.“ Improved workflow For Dr. Wirth, the use of AeroDR has several advantages. “Thanks to the wireless technology, we’re able to limit the handling of the cassette. Use of WiFi also avoids having to in- stall a wired network and modifying the bucky table. Additionally, the light weight of the detector – less than 3 kg – ensures easy handling by the Radi- ographers. The battery capacity of AeroDR al- lows us to perform the examinations without interruption due to its fast charging time of only 30 minutes. It is possible to fully charge the detector during the lunch break.” The timesaving generated by using the AeroDR has improved the organi- zation of workflow. “Since we started using the AeroDR, the speed of patient throughput has increased significantly. The quick preview time– less than three seconds – and the fact that the radiog- rapher no longer has to move between rooms have proven to be real time savers when caring for our patients.” Successful integration “The installation of AeroDR was car- ried out quickly and without disturb- ing the daily activity in the Radiology Center. User training was quick and thorough. Understanding the AeroDR system was straightforward and the whole team easily adapted to working with it. Konica Minolta was present throughout the whole installation pro- cess, training and launch of the sys- tem. The AeroDR detector comes with the new acquisition console CS-7, which can also control Konica Mi- nolta’s CR solutions. This CS-7 has evolved from the CS-3 console. Being a longstanding customer of Konica Mi- nolta and familiar with the CS-3, we had no difficulties adapting to the CS-7 with its touch screen and user-friendly, customizable interface.” RAD·BOOK 2012 89 R/F–DIGITAL