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image quality as well as a signicant re- duction of the patient dose. The Radiology Center of Poissy has now been using the Konica Minolta AeroDR detector for five months. The center, which employs three radiolo- gists and six radiographers, is equipped with three X-ray rooms and carries out around 80 examinations a day. The re- mote controlled X-ray table that was data to the CS-7 acquisition console after exposure. The AeroDR combines integrated low-power technology with an opti- mized control of energy consumption. Its lithium-ion capacitor has a very short charging time and the detector’s monocoque structure is lightweight (only 2.9 kg) and shock resistant. Aer- oDR delivers a high DQE* for superior Time-saving, easier handling and significant dose reduction Thewireless,digitalAeroDR flatpaneldetector * Detective Quantum Eciency The AeroDR detector is a wireless, digital, 35 x 43 cm cassette sized de- tector, which can be integrated in a wall stand, (remote controlled) table bucky or used for free/ bed side ex- aminations. With its roaming func- tionality, one AeroDR detector can be shared between multiple X-ray rooms. Its wireless technology allows for al- most instantaneous transfer of image Centre De Radiologie De La Clinique St-Louis, Poissy (78), France RAD·BOOK 201288 R/F–DIGITAL