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RAD·BOOK 2012 87 R/F–DIGITAL Mobility provides significant benefit The installation of Canon’s CXDI Con- trol Software NE ensures that equipment is automatically recognized upon enter- ing treatment rooms, and that they can be quickly and easily transferred when and where they are most needed – with- out wasting valuable, and sometimes critical, time re-booting. The new DR system was installed by Leuag, Canon’s distribution partner in Switzerland for medical imaging. “Here at the UKBB, our priority is to provide the highest quality of care to over 80,000 infants and young adults every year”, explained Dr. Jacques Schneider. The Chief Physician of Ra- diology, UKBB, went on to highlight the key benefits of the system: “The DR solution from Canon best meets the needs of our hospital and its pa- tients by allowing us to review X-rays within a few seconds and move devices quickly and easily to where they are needed, often urgently.” “Leuag’s DR Concept uses Canon’s products to give hospitals the flexibility to think beyond one room when installing DR devices”, added Gregor Baggio, Sales Manager, Leuag. “When designing the concept for the UKBB, the objective was to provide a solution that would meet the specialist needs of the paediatric hos- pital, and we achieved this primarily thanks to Canon’s innovative medical imaging solutions.” “Canon has been an innovator in medical imaging technology for over 70 years and we are continually investing in research and development to sup- port the specific needs of medical pro- fessionals”, outlined Peter Blonk, Di- rector, Canon Europe Medical Systems Division. “We’re proud to see [our] technology being used to improve the daily lives of patients and medical staff in a well-recognized centre of excel- lence for paediatric medicine.” At the Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel” (UKBB), the new wireless DR system from Canon meets special needs by allowing reviews of X-rays within sec- onds, and transporting of devices quickly and easily to where they are needed. Ziehm Vision RFD provides the superior image quality and reliability once found exclusively in fixed installed imaging systems. This innovative mobile interventional suite combines intelligent SmartVascular software, high resolution imaging, outstanding power reserves and a unique liquid cooling system – making it the perfect fit for demanding hybrid room procedures in even the smallest OR. And all this with the minimal installation costs of a mobile C-arm. > Visit us at ECR 2012, Stand 319, Expo C. Ziehm Imaging GmbH | Donaustrasse 31 | 90451 Nuremberg | Germany | The mobile hybrid room solution. About“Universitäts-KinderspitalbeiderBasel”(UKBB) UKBB is a research and teaching hospital at university level with acute-care inpatient and outpatient services. The name derives from a merger of two hospitals in 1999. The focus is on all areas of paediatrics, emergency medi- cine, intensive care, and neonatology. UKBB was the first paediatric hospital in Switzerland certified by sanaCERT Suisse. A quality assurance system aims at the continuing optimization by systematic analysis of workflows. Through excellent quality of care and medical competence, UKBB manage- ment seeks to foster the international reputation and appeal of the hospital.