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RAD·BOOK 201286 R/F–DIGITAL portable wireless detectors which can be moved around easily. Unlike tradi- tional DR solutions, which are limited to one dedicated radiography room, these can be used all over the hospital, thereby reducing cost and eliminating the need for a fixed detector in every room. The availability of mobile de- vices greatly facilitates, as an example, image capture in the context of emer- gency medicine. The new wireless digital radiography system from Canon provides access to flexible medical imaging equipment that delivers both high-quality images and helps improve workflows. In addition, the vendor’s low dose DR technology en- sures that patients receive significantly reduced X-ray exposure, which is a par- ticular benefit for young patients. The complete solution includes a number of Canon CXDI-70C devices, Swiss hospital chooses portable digital radiography solution from Canon Imagingmademoreflexible, mobileandreliable The “Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel” (UKBB), an independent Univer- sity Hospital for paediatric care in that Swiss city on the Rhine, is a very busy place. The 840 employees of the 129- bed care provider serve approximately 6,600 inpatients and around 78,000 outpatients – infants, toddlers, chil- dren, and young adults. The focus is on the various paediatric sub-disciplines including oncology and haematology, as well as on emergency medicine, intensive care, and neonatology. Last year, UKBB moved to a new site; there, a new wireless digital radiography sys- tem now provides imaging services best suiting the special needs of this renowned public hospital.