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R/F–Film-ScreenRAD·BOOK 2012 83 Block Imaging Highlights – We buy used bone densitometry systems for refurbishment – Give your equipment a 2nd chance at life – Recover true value of your trade-in – Free fair market valuations – Professional project managers handle every detail of system deinstallation and removal – “Go Green” and recycle your equipment Bone Densitometry Accessories / Complementary Systems Dunlee Replacement Tubes Dunlee Smit Röntgen Fiber Interspaced Grids Highlights – Replacement tubes for more manufacturers than any other company in the industry (GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, Philips, Elscint or Picker) – Tube stocks at major airport hubs throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America – 24 / 7 – 365 days per year – Shipment of most popular replacement tubes, typically with same-day or next-day delivery Highlights – Standard grids, mammography grids and grids designed for special applications – Low absorption because of the fiber interspacer – Higher SNR with detectors in digital applications, and a ­significant dose advantage over aluminum interspaced grids – Any focal distance between 70 cm and 300 cm – Less weight than aluminum interspaced grids, up to 1 ⁄3 Highlights – Offers one comprehensive platform for the assessment of three significant health risks · With exceptional precision and accuracy, the discovery DXA system helps clinicians identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and fractures · Provides the highest resolution vertebral imaging through the instant Verte- bral Assessment™ HD for the visualization of AAC, a major risk factor for cardio­vascular disease and vertebral fractures · Advanced body composition assessment produces color images displaying the distribution of fat, lean tissue and bones, translating the information into an easy-to-interpret report for the management of obesity, various growth disorders, aging, neuromuscular changes and the effects of physical training Hologic Discovery™ Please visit us at Protec PROGNOST XP-series Highlights – Mobile patient table to position the patient directly above the corresponding image receptor – For digital DR detectors or with bucky tray integrated – Fixed table height or elevating, with floating carbon fiber table top – Elevating versions with line connection or battery powered