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v ComputedTomographyRAD·BOOK 20128 Block Imaging Highlights – We buy used CT systems for refurbishment – Give your equipment a 2nd chance at life – Recover true value of your trade-in – Free fair market valuations – Professional project managers handle every detail of system deinstallation and removal – “Go Green” and recycle your equipment Channels Single, dual, 4, 6, 8, 16 and 64 Dual Source Volume CT Highlights – X-ray tube: 7.5 MHU – Minimum scan time: 0.35 seconds – Minimum slice thickness: 0.625 mm – Open design concept. Diameter of aperture: 750 mm – First CT system, equipped with a 2-dimensional anti-scattered X-ray collimator – Touch vision control panel – 475 mm wide patient table with “side-slide” capability for easy ideal positioning Hitachi Medical Systems SCENARIA Multislice CT Slices 64 / 128 Power 72 kW Coverage / rotation in mm 40 Discovery CT 750 HD Views/s > 7000 Power 100 kW Resolution 230 microns Highlights – World’s 1st High Definition CT with Gemstone technologies – Best-in class spatial resolution of 0.23 mm across the whole body – First raw data iterative reconstruction with ASIR for lower dose and improved IQ for all anatomies – Industry leading cardiac spatial resolution with 18.2 lp/cm – Opportunity for < 1 mSv cardiac CTA – Intelligent coronary motion correction and cardiac scan assistance with SnapShot Freeze and SnapShot Assist – Up to 500 slices for 4D CTA with Volume Helical Shuttlet GE Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Editon Veo – Unique model based iterative reconstruction product – Imaging under 1 mSv with profound image clarity – Single tube ultrafast low/high kVp switching at a rate up to 0.25 ms – Full 50 cm FOV – Metal artifact reduction – Material separation – Iodine quantification – + 15 clinical applications – Comprehensive iterative reconstruction: advanced modeling of system statistics, and system optics – Delivering a combination of high- quality images and low dose that was previously unthinkable. Gemstone Spectral Imaging – Up to 0.25 msec temporal resolution – Monochromatic energies 40 to 140 keV – GSI cardiac Channels 64 or 128 Power 72 or 120 kW Coverage 40 mm isotropic Rotation 0.4 s/mm (cardiac 0.35 s/mm) GE Optima CT660 Highlights – 64 and 128 slices imaging – Leadership in advanced cardiac CT – Up to 40% dose reduction across the body – Up to 500 slices coverage for perfusion – 60% lower CO2 emission and energy saving – Scalable and modular – Compact for easy siting (18 sqm) – Integrated ASiR reconstruction – Latest innovations in a 40 mm detector CT Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash with Stellar Detector Highlights – Flash Speed. Lowest Dose. – FAST CARE for all patients – New Stellar Detector for optimized low dose imaging and increased spatial resolution – Split-second thorax imaging: avoiding breath hold or sedation in pediatric patients – Sub-mSv heart scanning to cover the entire heart in only 250 ms – Raw-data based iterative reconstruction (SAFIRE) for up to 60% dose reduction at up to 20 images/sec – Dose neutral Dual Energy for a second contrast in daily routine Temporal resolution 75 ms Scan speed 458 mm/s Dual Energy Yes