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R/F–Film-ScreenRAD·BOOK 2012 79 Design Universal remote R/F table II-format 12" or 16" Image system Digital Highlights – High performance – GI to angiographic studies – High image quality – High throughput Highlights – 1 Megapixel CCD camera – Proven reliability – Perfect design – Large storage capacity Design 90 / 90 Digital local R/F table II-format 16" or 12" Image system Digital Highlights – Flexible configuration – Meets all requirements for routine R/F exams – High reliability – Turnable footrest Design 90 / 30 Digital or analog local R/F table II-format 12" or 9" Image system Digital or analog Shimadzu Flexavision seriesShimadzu Fluorospeed 300 Shimadzu Sonialvision Versa series Design Digital remote controlled R/F system Detector 9" or 12" image intensifier Tilt angle – 30° to + 89° Power 50 kW Highlights The Plessart VIVO is a digital remote control R/F system comprising a R/F dia- gnostic table with an over-table X-ray tube configuration, an X-ray high-voltage generator, and a digital imaging system. This system is intended for use as a general-purpose system for abdominal an- giography, general abdominal radiography, general skeletal radiography, sup- port of endoscopic procedures, etc. Toshiba Plessart VIVO Technology a-Si, CsI-Scintillator Resolution 7,1 Megapixel; 3 k x 2,4 k image matrix; 143 μm pixel size Size 35 cm x 43 cm Philips wireless portable detector sharing Highlights – Philips wireless portable detector sharing allows sharing detectors between Philips mobile units, premium radiography rooms and fluoroscopy rooms – Lower initial investment while assuring a high level of flexibility – Back-up solution for continuous uptime – Smart starting point for upgrades, i.e. adding more detectors to hospital departments in the future Design Free arm R/F system II-Format 23 / 31 / 38 cm Image System 1 k Philips DuoDiagnost Highlights – Smart combination of radiography and fluoroscopy with comprehensive clinical functionality in a cost-effective system – Unique geometry with detachable tube arm provides outstanding flexibility even in small rooms – Field-tested reliability with Philips durable components backed up by world- wide customer support and service – Available in a digital version that provides all benefits of digital X-ray technology