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R/F–Film-ScreenRAD·BOOK 2012 77 Design Floor mounted Table Variable height Power from 32 kW to 80 kW STEPHANIX RAD Series E+ Highlights – Compact and reliable solution – Cost efficient general rad rooms – User friendly workflow – Floating tabletop for easy patient positioning – Touch screen generator interface in option – Scalable to DR solution STEPHANIX RAD Series Pro Highlights – Compact and reliable solution – Ergonomic design – Cover a wide range of procedures – Possibility to have a touch screen generator with 864 APR – Tomography capabilty – Ceiling suspension optional – Scalable to DR solution Design Floor mounted Table Fixed height table Power from 32 kW to 80 kW Please visit us at Design Ceiling or floor mounted radiography system with optional portable FPD Table Motorized height adjustable with floating tabletop Power 50 kW or 80 kW Highlights Toshiba recommends Radrex compact radiographic systems for general-purpo- se radiography, being highly accurate and efficient. It is possible to expand the original system to meet the particular clinical requirements of the user. When the system is combined with a portable FPD (35 cm x 43 cm) and digital processor, a wide range of applications can be performed with a single-panel system that incorporates many automatic functions to minimize workload. Toshiba Radrex Design Bucky room with floor-mounted or ceiling suspended tubestand Table Fixed or elevating tabletop Power 32 – 80 kW VILLA Sistemi Medicali – Moviplan Highlights – Modular bucky system for general radiographic applications, muscoskeletal diagnostic room or emergency ward – Several configuration options: table available with motorized lift, floor- mounted or ceiling suspended tubestand – Optional tomographic functionalities Highlights Multix Fusion – fits your needs – fits your budget – Key components adapted from Ysio like table, tube, bucky wall stand and many more – Highly versatile detector – fits virtually all clinical applications – Small space requirements – fits your room and your budget – Prepared for the future – digitize your system whenever you prefer Siemens Multix Fusion Design Ceiling-mounted tube Table Free-floating, height adjustable, up to 300 kg Power 55 kW, 65 kW, 80 kW