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mAmmOgRAphyRAD·BOOK 201274 Highlights – Designed to provide a warmer, more comfortable mammogram – Enables technologist to more easily position patients’ breasts – Optimizes clinical outcomes with increased tissue acquisition and compression Highlights – MultiCare® Platinum prone biopsy table and maximum comfort package – Minimally invasive stereotactic breast biopsy table – Pinpoint accuracy – Superb image quality – Adjustable breast tray compensates for breast thickness – Cartesian coordinates system ensures accurate targeting – True 360 degree access – Premium memory foam cushions for patient comfort and apertures for easier access and arm-through procedures Hologic MammoPad® Hologic MultiCare® Highlights – Supports the display, manipulation and interpretation of DICOM images from multiple modalities including ultrasound, MRI, PET and nuclear medicine – Flexible, intuitive image review capabilities – Unlimited hanging configurations – Work interactively and intelligently through information-sharing Hologic SecurView® Highlights – Prone biopsy and mammography with the same a-Selenium detector, gua- rantee that the lesion visualized during the mammography exam will also be visible during biopsy – Biopsy with lateral, straight and inclined holders – 360° needle access to the breast, enabeling the radiologist to choose the shortest way to the lesion IMS Mammo-Bed Detector Amorphous Selenium Resolution 6 lp/mm – 85 μm Size 18 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm Please visit us at Highlights – Suitable for seated or recumbent positioning for biopsies – Gliding floor rollers and battery-operated elevation controls designed to make positioning the patient easy – Special cushioning molds to patient’s anatomy Philips MammoDiagnost DR Advanced Stereo Optional mammography chair