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MammographyRAD·BOOK 2012 71 Highlights – FFDM Unit with 17.1 x 23.9 cm a-Se detector and fully automatic Flex-AEC with tissue type recognition – Acquisition workstation (AWS) with 3 megapixel TFT monitor and optional Nuance Acquire Station with motorized height adjustment – Integrated MaxView Breast Positioning System – Side access for optimal patient positioning and ergonomics – Optional geometric magnification kit – Optional stereotactics with Nuance DigiGuide Anode Mo or W (optional) Filter Mo/Rh or Rh/Ag (optional) kV Range 20 – 35 Planmed Nuance Technology a-Selenium Resolution 85 μm pixel size Size 18 x 24 cm or 24 x 30 cm VILLA Sistemi Medicali – Melody III d Highlights – High performance integrated X-ray generator with wide kV range (20 – 35 kV) and fine adjustment (0.5 kV step) – Auxiliary display showing applied compression force, C-arm angulation, compressed breast thickness and tagging keyboard for ACR codes – AEC with dual modality: PRE in function of effective breast density and FAST in function of compressed breast thickness – Motorized C-arm with ± 180° rotation – Version with isocentric C-arm dedicated for biopsy procedures – FFDM BYM 3D stereotactic biopsy device with computerized parameters calculation and needle positioning Screen-Film Mammography Highlights – Bi-directional ­compression ECS – Enhanced patient ­comfort – Increased amount of breast tissue ­images – VectorPoint-AEC for ­optimized ­image quality – Compact, small ­system GE Healthcare Performa Technology Mo Resolution Mo/Rh Size 20 – 35 cm Highlights – Efficient workflow for screening and diagnosis – High image quality to aid diagnosis – Smooth procedures make your patients feel at ease Philips MammoDiagnost Anode Mo/W (Dual Track) Filter Mo/Rh kV Range 23 – 35 Technology W/Rh, a-Se Resolution 85 μm Detector size 24 x 30 cm Technology W/Rh, a-Se Resolution 85 μm Detector size 24 x 30 cm Siemens Mammomat Inspiration Siemens Mammomat Inspiration with 3D Tomosynthesis* Highlights – Screening, upgradable to stereotactic biopsy and 3D-imaging with tomosynthesis – Dual target anode W/Rh reduces dose up to 50% especially for dense breasts – Comprehensive system solution with syngo-based acquisition workstation – Streamlined workflow: one-click-to-image – Special MoodLight function – Broad range of accessories Highlights – Platform for multiple mammography applications: screening, diagnostics, stereotactic biopsy and tomosynthesis in one system and one acquisition workstation – 3D-imaging via the acquisition of breast images taken at multiple angles (+25° to –25°): improved capability to diagnose especially very dense breasts – Offers all applications and can be upgraded to 3D-tomosynthesis – The largest angular range in industry increases depth resolution and contrast * Tomosynthesis is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further information.