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ITSystemsRAD·BOOK 2012 61 The medical image continues to grow in importance for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a direct result of the imaging innovations of the past decades, today diseases can be detected earlier and better. Treatment decisions can be made with higher confidence based on more specific clinical informati- on. Medical procedures get less and less invasive, with reduced dose and less open surgery. And, higher affordability Answers for life. A91IM-9189-A2-7600 of imaging and higher productivity with imaging enable more and more nations around the globe to give their populations access to modern care. With that, imaging today contributes significantly to advancing human health. We at Siemens are passionate about innovation that advances human health. Together with you we want to celebrate the medical image and its potential to do just that. Read the QR code with the QR code reader in your mobile! Images, leading the way. Together, let‘s celebrate the clinical image and its potential to improve care for more patients around the globe.