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ITSystemsRAD·BOOK 201260 Highlights – SecondLook Digital is a second opinion tool for Agfa HealthCare‘s CR mammography – Adds value in daily routine – Can be used in mammography screening as well as by ­diagnostic HealthCare providers – Markers that indicate potential microcalcifications and/or masses are visible on Agfa HealthCare‘s IMPAX Breast Imaging Workstation Agfa HealthCare iCAD SecondLook Digital CAD Hectec mediCAD Classic Hectec mediCAD VeterinaryHectec mediCAD Mobile Highlights mediCAD Classic is developed in collaboration with doctors for doctors. For you and your patients, this means: – first and most common planning program on market worldwide – ready to use in 22 languages – time savings up to 85% compared to conventional planning processes – largest implant data base with more than 90 international implant manu- facturers already integrated – Made in Germany Highlights mediCAD Veterinary the preoperative planning software for the veterinarian. – Angle according to Norberg – Ready to use in 22 languages – Time savings up to 85% compared to conventional planning processes – Rapid sizing of the implants – Made in Germany Highlights mediCAD Mobile gives you direct access to planning regardless time and location. According to American market researchers, more than 80 million tablet com- puters will be used for medical applications in 2012. Users of these devices save tremendous amounts of time. X-ray images, analyses, PACS images, planning files, and a wide variety of documents can be used directly at the point of care. Highlights – Uses sophisticated algorithms to search tomosynthesis data sets for micro- calcifications potentially associated with breast cancer – The 3D-CAD marks can be displayed with a single click on the SecurView® workstation – RightOn™ CAD marks indicate clusters of calcifications and PeerView™ marks provide anatomic outlines of individual calcifications – ImageChecker 3D-Calc CAD provides flexibility to the radiologists to choose from three sensitivity settings Highlights – Sophisticated pattern recognition software proven to help find breast cancers at an earlier stage – Identifies features and brings them to the radiologist’s attention in order to minimize observational oversights – Often compared to a second pair of eyes, it serves as an interpretive aid during image review – The most widely used mammography CAD system worldwide Hologic ImageChecker® Hologic ImageChecker®