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ITSystemsRAD·BOOK 201258 Highligths on call service portal ensures safe exchange of radio­logical image data via the internet for radiologists on call. The computer center of Digithurst / Telepaxx is equipped with a web server which receives encrypted­and pseudonymized image data and makes them available for download via a web interface. Thus the radiologist on call does not have to be on site for reading purposes but can view the images on any PC with internet access. Digihurst on call service portal Portal Solution medigration ImageVision Highlights – Easy to use, high performance examination and analysis system for radiolo- gical routines – Access to all images (including previous images) within seconds – Unique and hierarchical data compression without any loss – Individually configurable hanging protocols – Extremely easy to use – Independent individual scaling of your interfaces – Perfect integration into everyday practice life – Low investment and follow-up costs Protec PROPAXX Highlights State-of-the-art software for viewing, processing and archiving of X-ray images. Key features: – Tools to optimize and analyse image data – Useful administrative and assisting functions, as e.g. the integrated interface for reporting the clinical findings or synchronic viewing of X-ray images – Detailed 10 bit display of the X-ray images – Communication interfaces enable PROPAXX to direct data and image exchange with image acquisition systems and modality consoles (e. g. PROTEC’s CONAXX) Sectra Volume Visualization Package (IDS7) Highlights All Sectra PACS workstations have built in MPR and 3D-packages tailored for effective general purpose usage across the enterprise. Sectra Volume Visualiza- tion is designed to increase review efficiency and result communication in high- production environments. It supports the radiologist by offering extremely fast reading of volumetric image data and by enabling a superior service to referring physicians through the interactive 3D-presentation of findings. In addition, Sectra offers closely integrated clinical applications from third parties for specialized diagnostic needs. TeraRecon iNtuition Highlights – Broadest range of advanced volumetric clinical applications available via a true server-based, thin-client solution, enterprise wide – Smallest hardware footprint with the largest user capacity in the industry – iNtuition CLOUD – iNtuition solution in the form of an Internet-based service, or a proven private CLOUD – Image-enable the EMR with iNtuition’s zero-footprint enterprise medical viewer iNtuition is TeraRecon’s flagship offering for advanced visualization and decision support. iNtuition provides a suite of advanced imaging tools for volumetric interpretation of CT, MR and PET data. Siemens syngo.via Highlights syngo.via1 is the new SIEMENS client server based Advanced Visualisation software, creating an exciting experience in efficiency and ease-of use-virtually anywhere2 . – Offers a wide range of 61 clinical Apps for radio-, onco-, cardio- and neurology – syngo.via prepares cases automatically, networks modalities and IT for fast multimodality reading – Images are available even on mobile devices (for non-diagnostic purpose) for easy sharing with clinical partners 1 syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own rights. 2 prerequisites include: internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.